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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Well, yesterday was officially my last day of working on the feature film The Holiday. (The title may change before it's December 22nd release, since it's also being called "Nancy Meyers Untitled Holiday Project".) I reported to the set in Pasadena at 7:30am. Got some breakfast and hung out with the handful of background that was there, and Gilbert Esquivel, who played Jesus, the gardener. They put me in make up and I hung out some more. Finally, around noon, I get into my wardrobe and get my hair done and go to the set where we rehearse. We shot my final scene where I greet Kate Winslet's character. I was pretty happy when Nancy, the director, came over to me and welcomed me back onto the set with a huge hug. Then she decided to change my "Buenos Dias Iris" line to "Hi Iris" - so I did it with no accent. That made me even more happier! :-)
I was wrapped by 5pm (more overtime) and headed home.
This job was pretty amazing. I originally started off being scheduled to work one week and one day, and it turned into 5 weeks of work. Not bad! Everyone on the cast and crew were so nice. I didn't get to meet and work with Cameron Diaz - but she did hire a coffee cart for the crew. And I didn't get to work with Jude Law - but I did see him that first day on set! And I can say I worked with the top female director in Hollywood!
On the ride back to basecamp, Nancy was in the car with me and said she loved working with me and I did an awesome job! Then she went on to say if I ever need her as a referral or anything, to just let her know. awww...That's very sweet. I'll have to remember that in case I need to take her up on that! Maybe I'll send her a thank you card and mention my desire to get invited to the premiere! I may have to hire a publicist for that to happen! That's next on the agenda!
Now, I'm officially out of work. Time to find that next job!


Blogger Bruno Amato said...

Yo!.... 5 weeks!....Nice Lydia!!!!

7:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I say briefly: Best! Useful information. Good job guys.

9:43 PM  

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