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Friday, March 30, 2007

Finally Starting To Get Busier!

Today I had an audition for a nice guest star role on Boston Legal. It was for an immigrant from Mexico who was testifying against the priest who helped her. It was a tough and emotional scene, and I'm not exactly sure how well I did. The first time I did it for the casting director, I really felt the emotion and he said "Nice" afterwards. He asked me to do it again and to thicken up my accent even more and not to be on the verge of tears in the beginning. So I attempted to read it a second time, and I wasn't feeling it as much. I think I may have been too in my head, and just coming out of being on the 405 for over an hour, I wasn't "in the zone". He said "Nice" agian which made me question his first "Nice". And I walked out. I'm pretty sure I'm not getting a call back for this one. But then again, stranger things have happened!
My manager told me of a great character role on Ugly Betty that I was excited about. So I called my Agent and asked if she could put in a pitch call for me. She had already submitted me for 2 roles on that episode - that one, and a smaller nurse one, but said she would put in the call. I was just about to drop off my picture and resume in person at Ugly Betty's casting office when I got the call that I have an audition on Monday - for the nurse role. :( I really wanted a shot at the larger, more comedic role, but for some reason, I'm getting called in on this one. So I called my Agent again tro double check that they pitched me for the right role - and they said they believe someone may have been cast already - or an offer out - since Ugly Betty is such a popular show. :( damn it! I think I may go in on Monday and let them know I have prepared the other role as well in case they would let me do it for them. I know it's a ballsy move, but this other role is SO much more interesting than a nurse!
Makes me wonder how different things would've gone if I had a HUGE agent like Innovative! They are my "dream" agency right now....(so if anyone out there would like to send a referral their way for me...heehee) I'm learning a lot about the 'heirarchy" here in Hollywood. It's amazing just how far you can actually go with the 'right' A-Agency behind you! They can get you seen for series regular roles over co-stars and guest stars any day! I can't wait until I'm there - at that level. Hopefully soon...
The bright side about this appointment is...this office has never called me in - and I believe I am going straight to producers for this role - so that's good! Gotta make sure to hit it out of the park! And hopefully they will let me read for the other character as well.
I'm excited about Monday! Wish me luck! I mean, broken legs.... :)

Monday, March 26, 2007

Today was Good

I made it to my first audition early. I was a little bummed that I couldn't "dress" more the part since I was working today AND I had an audition right after work where I play a cop/detective. But the part was more of a blue collar/DMV type of employee at the office. I wasn't dressed as casual as I would've wanted...but I'm hoping they could look past that!
I love Bialy/Thomas Casting! They are so nice over there! And I really love the fact that they have cast me before (The Unit)! :) I got there and checked out the breakdown for the other characters. There were a couple that were perfectly in my age range and type and they were SERIES REGULARS! But I wasn't reading for those roles...I was reading for the smaller co-star role that would possibly be recurring. :( That was frustrating - because I want to be seen for those larger roles. But I know it boils down to who your agent is. If you're not with a TOP agent, the likelihood of you reading for a series regular role on a new pilot is slim, unfortunately. Unless, of course, the office knows you and knows your work. Which this office does - so I don't get it! Sometimes you wonder if you loophole yourself into tiny roles forever with some offices. I hope not.
The show is very much like The Office, shot documentary style and very real. So I made a strong choice and delivered my lines almost deadpan - very subtle. Not the right choice. And luckily this office knows me and was able to tell me to do something else with it. Make her more relaxed and fun. So I readjusted and did it again. We chatted for a while and she commented about how much work I've done since she last saw me and how proud she was of me! :) I joked and said, Thanks, and if you ever need a series regular - you just let me know! We laughed a little - then - in a whisper because other actors were waiting outside, she tells me that this role would "always be there in the script" because she works in the office with the other series regular characters. Then she asked if I had a reel on me. And being the good actor that I was (heehee) I did, and smoothly handed it to her! I was lucky on that one because I don't usually have my reels with me when I walk into an audition room. Now I will. Always! And that was it. Good experience.
Then I went to my second audition of the day! They had requested that all women show up without any make up on at all. Great. So I washed my face after work and walked onto the Warner Brothers lot. That audition went well. She wanted me to play the cop very tough and guy-like...lower my voice, be a bitch. That was fun! I did it a few times and I think I gave her what she wanted. I wish I could've lowered my voice even more - I kept forgetting to do that during my read! Oops! She had asked me to add a line after someone else's - then she said, if you do it again, let's just drop that line. Hmmm...Should I take that as hopeful that she will bring me back to read for the producers??? I hope so! She was very nice! We'll see...
I'm ready for my next booking! Please! :)
I'm excited that the screening for the pilot is this Saturday. Would I be a total cheese ball to take my camera there as well? Eh, when have I ever cared if I looked like a cheese ball?! I'll be sure to post some pics! :)

Friday, March 23, 2007

2 Auditions for Monday

Nice - finally! I love when I have multiple auditions in one day! Only problem is, I'm already subbing! But I will make it all work out! :)
First audition is for The Untitled Cops Project @ Bialy/Thomas Casting. I'm not going in for a cop on this one. She is a "civilian support staff" - possible guest star and recurring. After that is an audition for new pilot called Playing Chicken. This one is a cop! YAY!! I'm looking forward to booking a cop role! The show is a 1/2 hour comedy and my character is pretty funny. It's for a nice size guest star role, so send me good vibes all day! :)
I went on that audition for the Spanish PSA on Wednesday and I have to say I was pretty impressed with myself! I was a little nervous at first, but once I saw the script, I relaxed a bit. It was pretty easy. I walked in the room and the camera guy was talking to me in Spanish. I gave my name and, what I think he wanted next, which was my profiles! He didn't correct me, so I figured that's what he had said. I didn't want to tell him I didn't speak Spanish because the breakdown said I had to fake it. It went really well, and he said he liked how I did the lines nice and slow, and for me to do the second scene exactly like that. Nice! Funny though - if he only knew I was going nice and slow so I wouldn't mess up the Spanish!
I have my first workshop with Actor's Co-Op tomorrow. :) I'm looking forward to it!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Audition tomorrow!

Audition tomorrow for a PSA in Spanish! Yikes! I guess my agent still doesn't get that I'm not bilingual! They keep sending me out on Spanish commercials. Normally I would've just turned it down - but I decided to get to this one early and practice the sides. The age range is a little too old for me also, but what the hell - at least it would be another audition "experience", right?
I got contacted by Backstage who came across my blog and wants to talk to me about possibly contributing to their weblog on their site. Nice! It's weird for me because I never really know who reads this blog! Sometimes I think it's just for me to write it all out, or for my family and friends back in Texas to keep updated...then something really cool like this happens! :)
It's been awesome to get emails and requests for autographed pictures from some of you! Thanks everyone for all your support!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Trying to Be ProActive...

Let's see...not much is happening. I'm trying to be proactive in my career so I'm signing up for workshops and seminars whenever I have the chance. I went to a workshop on Saturday at Actorsite. It was for Jeff Greenberg's office. That went very well. Then on Sunday I went to a seminar (at Actorsite again) called "The Business of Show Business", which was showing us how to use our computer to manage our acting careers. It was very informative....Thanks Julia!
I did get a phone call today from one of the producers of The Virgin of Akron Ohio. I was hoping he was calling to tell me that after seeing the footage of the pilot, they have decided to make me a series regular!!! :) But he called to let me know of the screening/wrap party we are having March 31st at the director's home in Brentwood. I'm nervous about seeing the final product. I hope I did a well enough job! The producer said they were very happy with it so I hope that means I did! I can't wait to see everyone again! I'm excited!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Sllllllooooooooowwwwwwww times

I assumed I didn't get the detective role on the pilot since I auditioned for it on Tuesday and it's Friday and I still haven't heard anything. But my manager Laura called the casting office to follow up and see if they cast the role yet ot not. They said they have a few "choices" - so I guess that means they narrowed it down. So Laura asks if I was still in the running and they said yes, I'm not out of the race yet. So I guess that's good news - I'm one of the few they narrowed it down to. That's better than hearing someone else booked it. :) At least for now....
A very cool thing happened yesterday.....a casting director who I have met at a workshop a few years ago and who has called me in a couple of times emailed me out of the blue. Basically he said that he did a search for me on Now casting and somehow found his way to my website and blog and that he's still a fan! He even said he's looking forward to bringing me in again! He read that I joined the Actor's Co-Op Group and told me he's doing a workshop in April and I don't have to take it since he has never forgotten me! Awesome news!
I hope he does get a nice juicy role for me and I can go in and nail it and book my first series regular role on a big network! wouldn't that be just perfect??? :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Pilot Audition Today!

I had an audition for a detective role on a new pilot. I've always wanted to play a detective or cop role! It was a smaller co-star role, I believe, even though it said "guest star" in the breakdowns. There were only like 3 lines - but let me tell you, I nailed those three lines! hahaha No, seriously, I felt REALLY good about this audition. Afterwards they were saying things like "beautiful!" and "perfect!" and they all started to write something down in their notes. The part will be cast from the tape, so if I get a call, it's to say I booked it! So let's hope for the best! :)
I auditioned for Actor's Co-Op yesterday. It went well. I got in! :) But then again, so did everyone who auditioned! But thankfully everyone was good so it didn't look like they said yes to just anyone. :)
I can start taking workshops with them. They are relatively cheap so I just need to find the time to do it!
At today's audition I recognized somone I used to do background work with when I first got to town. That was 6 years ago! He was auditioning for the other detective role. It was just so cool to see both of us there after we used to fill in the space behind other actors together! We really have come a long way since those days! Not sure if he remembered me or recognized me at all, but I can refresh his memory when we work together on this pilot after we book! :)
Gotta keep thinking positively, right?

Friday, March 09, 2007

Audition tomorrow for McDonalds.
Filing my taxes.
Looking for a GREAT play to be a part of this year.
Sending out postcards about The Holiday going on DVD March 13th.
That's about it. Pretty slow....
Oh yeah, auditioning for the group Actors Co-Op on Monday night, which is another workshop group.
Yup, that's about it.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Playing a maid on CSI

Well, I took Julie's advice and decided to make a list of my roles to check how many were reliant on my ethnicity.

I'll just write "Yes" or "No" next to it if they had "Latina" in the character description or if it was a 'necessity' for the character.

The Holiday - YES
The Terminal - NO
The Naked Ape - NO
Grand Old Party - NO
Dial M for Maria - YES
The Counselor - YES
The Right Girl - NO
Winding Up Airplanes - YES
The M.O. of M.I. - NO
Beyond Words - NO

The Virgin of Akron Ohio (pilot) - YES
Curb Your Enthusiasm - YES
The Shield - NO
The Office - YES
Paradise Drive - YES
Sleeper Cell - NO
Everwood - NO
The OC - YES
The Practice - NO
The District - NO
Medical Investigation - YES
Good Morning Miami - NO
The Unit - NO
Strong Medicine - YES
Notes From the Underbelly - YES
What About Brian - YES

Conversations ‘Bout The Girls - NO
Real Women Have Curves - YES
Tropical America - YES
Lock Up - YES
The War Game - NO
Vieques (staged reading) - YES
My Visits with MGM - YES
Rumors - NO
Marvin’s Room - NO
The Imaginary Invalid - NO
A Midsummer Night’s Dream - YES (all Latino cast - bilingual show)
Dancing at Lughnasa - NO
The Diary of Anne Frank - NO

Out of 40 projects on my resume - exactly 20 were reliant on my ethnicity. Not bad that HALF had nothing to do with my race or whether or not I "could do an accent". That makes me feel pretty good! :)
And out of all 40 projects listed - I played a maid 4 times, 5 if you consider the nanny on What About Brian. Interesting that it feels like I "always" play a maid named Maria! Makes me have a whole different attitude towards my career and this industry. Maybe I've been a little too hard on both!

I got a cool thing in the mail today: A baseball cap with "The PILOT of Akron Ohio" written on it. Cool gift from the production office in Canada!

Kinda slow lately - hopefully it will pick up soon...

Monday, March 05, 2007

Going with your Gut

Well, I went into the audition, but I have to say my heart wasn't in it. I'm pretty sure I won't get a callback - which is fine with me! :) In fact, I was talking with one of my managers afterwards and I felt silly going in for it at all. He told me if I wasn't comfortable doing it, and I wouldn't be happy if I actually booked it, then it would've been better if I passed on the audition. I'm still not used to doing that - passing on auditions. I guess because I know how tough it is to even get called in for one! But he's right - I need to be true to myself and say no to the things I would'nt be proud of doing. That's a tough feat, especially in this industry, where a JOB, any job, usually outweighs how you feel about it. But every day is a new beginning. :)
I went to the ADR looping for the pilot on Friday. That was really cool! I don't know how many years I have to do this until I can actually LIKE seeing myself on the big screen. It's always so odd and I'm always so self-critical! But I was in the booth for no longer than 20 minutes and I was done! Nice! I do have to say the pilot looks pretty damn good - at least the small scenes that I got to see! I'm excited to hear WHEN it gets picked up! :) heehee
I passed on an audition today - see! I AM getting better at that! haha It was for a commercial for an HIV drug. I didn't feel comfortable portraying a character with HIV since I teach young kids and they could come across it on the internet or something. In fact, I was willing to consider it - but I talked to my manager and he actually advised me that maybe I should pass. It's always hard when your called in to advertise a drug for a disease or illness that you don't have. It always makes me think of Joey on Friends when he had that poster that said "Mario has Herpes" and his picture was on it.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

I was very proud that the last job I had was a "non-stereotypical" role for a Latina. No accent, I wasn't a maid. I was actually a successful, strong business woman. YAY!! That was one giant step forward!
Then, yesterday I was told that I had two auditions for today - BOTH were maid roles! wow. Then, as quick as I got both of those auditions, they were gone! :(
The first one was a commercial and I couldn't make it because I was working until 2:30pm and they were only seeing people until noon. oops... The second one was for a pilot and they pushed the audition for tomorrow instead. It's a "large recurring guest star" on a new pilot, which probably means series regular but they don't want to negotiate that contract right now! :) But the role is of a maid. Also. Now, I'm having conflicting feelings over this one. Yes, it's work. Yes, it's a recurring role. Yes, it's a guest star role. All things I LOVE. :) And yes, it's another maid role - something I'm not crazy about, but I have done - MANY times. The issue I have with this particular role is, it's a 1/2 hour "comedy" and they use my character as the butt for a lot of ignorant racist jokes. Now I know they wrote it this way so my character seems like the normal one out of a cast of dysfunctional people - but still...I hate to be part of something that fuels racist jokes. UGH! But, it's work - and it would be potentially GOOD work, meaning lots of pay and many future weeks of more work.
Maybe I'm being too sensitive. Maybe me feeling this way is PERFECT for the character. I'm just going to go in and do it. And if I get it - well, then, I'll deal with that when it happens. And if I don't - then I don't have to worry about it anymore! Watch me get it now...That's what usually happens. The ones I desperately want - I don't get it. The ones that I could care less about are the ones I land! hahaha That's the secret - care less - book more!
I'll let you know how it goes.
Also, I'm doing ADR looping tomorrow for the pilot "The Virgin of Akron Ohio". For those of you who may not know what ADR looping is, sometimes during a shoot they may not get a clear sound from your mic during the scene so they bring you back and loop your voice in. It's what I did on The Holiday as well. It's really fun - reminds me of when I did cartoon voice over work in Austin. They put you in a sound booth as they playback your scene on a big screen and you match up your voice to your image. And it's usually quick - like 30 minutes of work. Nice! Not a bad way to make a paycheck! :)