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Friday, October 23, 2009

Busy Week - But Good!

Sorry, I have not updated this blog in over a week. :( No excuse really... ok, now for the update for this week...
Sons of Tucson was so much fun! I was only on set for about 4 hours - quick and painless. I forgot to take my camera on set with me, so no pictures. :( But everyone was really nice. I wish I had a bigger role, one where I could come back the following day. Oh well - maybe they'll keep me in mind for future episodes.
Later that night I checked out the film Paranormal Activity. It was ok. I felt like I was waiting the entire movie for something to happen. it was creepy - just not really all that scary.
Then, the following night, I was really scared - when I went toHalloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. Oh my God - they pop oit from everywhere, and zombies are just roaming the streets - it was very cool! I lost a bit of my voice, but its all good. :)
Then, on Sunday I went to the cast and crew screening of the feature film Morning, with Jeanne Tripplehorn, Leland Orser and Laura Linney that I did earlier this year. I am barely seen at all, but it was a nice little movie. It was also a pleasant surprise to see how Leland remembered me. Even though he's the director, I was just on set briefly - but everyone was really nice to me.
Then, Monday, I started back at Howard Fine. I'm auditing the last four classes of this Comprehensive Technique class, then we will all go on together to Rehearsal and Performance that will last for 6 weeks.
Then, Monday night I checked out the film 500 Days of Summer - one of my favorite movies this year! SOOOO cute!
Tuesday, Yankees vs Angels! Go Yankees! :)
Wednesday, Audition for The Middle - short and sweet.
Yesterday, 2 commercial auditions.
Not a bad week!
Next week, I have an audition lined for up Tuesday for The C Word, a Laura Linney pilot, right after I renew my contract with my agent! YAY!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wardrobe Fitting Today

Today I go in for my wardrobe fitting for Sons of Tucson in Santa Clarita. I shoot tomorrow!!! YAY! I love working! Can I please do it everyday???
I had an audition for a nice guest star role on Zeke and Luther on Monday, to play a very overbearing mother. Nice. :) It went well.
Then last night I went to see August: Osage County at The Ahmanson. Wow - Estelle Parsons, the mother on Roseanne, was amazing!!! It was a great show and a lesson in great acting!
It also looks like my Medium episode, Heads Will Roll, will reair on Friday on Lifetime at noon....Just in case you missed it the first time. =)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Booked Again!

Wow - this makes my third theatrical booking in 5 weeks!
I booked a small cameo role in the show Sons of Tucson. I had originally got called in for two roles, they added the third role during my preread, so I went to producers for all three. :) I had a great time and everyone was unbelieveably nice in the producer's session! And I ended up getting the role that I wanted most out of the three - so that's cool! I play a customer at a store asking about a running shoe. Very quick and simple - but funny. I work Thursday of this week - on my Dad's birthday. :)
And this comes at a good time because I just heard that Southland got cancelled before my season two premiere aired. :( Damn. And it's a great show too! I hear they are taking it to cable networks hopeing someone will pick it up there. Apparently it was too gritty for network tv. Maybe FX will get it - this would be a good replacement for The Shield.
Tomorrow I have a guest star audition for a show called Zeke and Luther. Very funny and cute role... Hopefully booking #4?? :)

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Things Are Gooooood :)

I had a really good past few days. :)

Friday was really awesome shooting my last day on the set of Better Off Ted. Everyone there is SO nice and I had a great time being very pregnant! They built our home and decorated it to the very smallest detail - it was incredible! I always hate when it's the last day of shooting for me and everyone is getting their prelim callsheet and saying "see you Monday" - except for me! :( I can't wait for the day where I get to come back on Monday, and the day after that....and the day after that...
Then, on Saturday, something really awesome happened! I went to check out a show at the Hollywood Bowl with a friend of mine. The stands were full, we were getting to our seats when we noticed three girls sitting in our spots. They checked their tickets, we checked ours and they noticed they were sitting in the row in front of us instead. As they were moving, one girl said I looked familiar and she knows me somehow. Then, she asked if I was an actress. I said yes. Then it came to her instantly. She shrieked "Oh my God - You're MARIA from Curb Your Enthusiasm!!!!" That was so surreal. I had been recognized once before at Target from a Curb fan, but that was right after the episode had aired. This was three years later and she knew my face... Crazy. I turned about three shades of red. That was unbelieveable, especially when I looked around and saw just how many people were in this venue and how she somehow recognized ME. weird.
Sunday I spent 9 hours at the Howard Fine Studio for Panel and scene day. The day started off with a panel discussion with an agent, manager, and a casting director - who couldn't make it last minute due to the crazy traffic in LA (a triathalon blocked traffic) It was very informative. Afterwards we went on to the scenes that Howard's scene study classes signed up to perform. It was a long day- but very entertaining! I had a great time sitting with the people from my Comprehensve Technique class that ended a few weeks ago. :)
Then, yesterday I had an audition for a staged reading for the CBS executives of a new dramedy show. The script is titled Life Happens and I originally was called in for Ana, the older wisest sister - in her 40's. When I got there, they had me read for Isabel, the lead (in her 30's) instead. I'm not sure why I was called in for the older sister anyway, but I was ready to read for it. but i liked the role of Isabel much beter - and it was nice to see so many actress friends of mine who I hadn't seen in a while auditioning to play my family members! :) I saw Tina D'Marco, who played my mom in the Santa Barbara production of Real Women Have Curves, and who is also playing the mom in this script. It would be great to work with her again, considering we know we have that chemistry! We'll see what happens...
Today - audition for Sons of Tucson.