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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Booked Again!

Wow - this makes my third theatrical booking in 5 weeks!
I booked a small cameo role in the show Sons of Tucson. I had originally got called in for two roles, they added the third role during my preread, so I went to producers for all three. :) I had a great time and everyone was unbelieveably nice in the producer's session! And I ended up getting the role that I wanted most out of the three - so that's cool! I play a customer at a store asking about a running shoe. Very quick and simple - but funny. I work Thursday of this week - on my Dad's birthday. :)
And this comes at a good time because I just heard that Southland got cancelled before my season two premiere aired. :( Damn. And it's a great show too! I hear they are taking it to cable networks hopeing someone will pick it up there. Apparently it was too gritty for network tv. Maybe FX will get it - this would be a good replacement for The Shield.
Tomorrow I have a guest star audition for a show called Zeke and Luther. Very funny and cute role... Hopefully booking #4?? :)


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