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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Italy - Here I Come!

I am HOURS away from my first European vacation! I'm SO excited! 12 days in France and Italy!! I can't wait! I depart tomorrow at 5:25pm and I will be back Dec 8.
Today my manager asked me if I could put myself on tape for consideration for this Showtime pilot that's the spin-off from The L Word. I was so excited about this role, but at the same time, I have SO much to do right now. I'm not even fully packed yet! I hate stressing out! I'll try and get it done in the morning - I just hope it's a good enough job. I'd hate to send something "half-ass".
Can't wait to post pictures! Sorry everyone - you will be without my updates for 13 days but when I get back - lots of amazing Italy stories!!!
See you soon...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Film Premiere

So I checked out that movie premiere for Mexican Gangster starring Damian Chapa with a few friends last night. I walked the red carpet and then we all headed in to see the film. It definately felt like one of those family parties with all the Latinos in the house! haha Afterwards we headed to the after party at Elevate, which has a pretty awesome view of downtown LA.
I'm not sure if "walking the red carpet" is for me. It was hot, and awkward with so many cameras. I didn't know which one to look at! Nor was I sure how to pose. But I guess I better get used to it! I expect to be at many more of these in my near future. ;) lol
Tomorrow I have an audition for the lead in a short film. Then another screening.
I have to remember to start packing for my trip. Just 4 more days...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Few Weeks Left of 2008

So I've decided to audit Larry Moss and Howard Fine when I get back from vacation. I'd like to be able to get into a good scene study at the very start of the year. I audited Ivana Chubbuck's master class a while back and although I wasn't crazy about it then, I'm reconsidering, and thinking about auditing her again. Just to see if I feel any different. I just don't like that I have to PAY another $20 just to audit her class again. But my friend Angel has been studying with her for a while and he loves it. And I am currently reading her book.
I got invited to a movie premiere on Friday for Mexican Gangster. I plan on attending that, then onto my friend's birthday party. I'm pretty excited, because that would be my very first movie premiere. There's even a "press check in". Nice.
I have an audition for a short film on Sunday that shoots when I get back from Europe. Hopefully that works out too.
I leave next Wednesday to France and Italy and I am SO EXCITED!!!!!! I've never been there before and I'm spending 12 days with a couple of girl friends of mine. Then I get back for a few days and then I'm off to Texas for the holidays.
2008 went by fast, don't you think?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sorry I've Been Gone...

I didn't realize it's been a WEEK since my last post. Time sure does fly! Thank you to those who have contacted me expressing concern about my absence. I'll try and be better about updating. Sometimes when nothing is going on, I have nothing to write.
Let's see...what's been happening this past week? Well, I saw Spring Awakening at The Ahmanson last Tuesday. That was a really good show! :) I was REALLY tired and I struggled to keep my eyes open, but I did catch most of the play! I'm sure it would've been even better had I ordered some coffee beforehand!
I've been attending a lot of free screenings lately. In just this week, I've seen The Wrestler with Mickey Rourke, Milk with Sean Penn, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button with Brad Pitt, and Rachel Getting Married with Anne Hathaway. All good movies. Saved me some money at the movie theater this season!
Yesterday I attended a special workshop that was sponsored by PLIE (Professional Latinos In Entertainment) and Disney with casting director Risa Bramon Garcia. They hand picked 24 actors who they felt were "up-and-coming" and sponsored this workshop with Risa. It was pretty educational and it was especially nice to finally meet some fellow actors whose work I had seen and admired in the past. A few I have met before, but most were new friends.
Not much else is happening. I think my agent and manager have turned down more auditions on my behalf lately than I've actually auditioned for! Mainly because they were all small co-star roles and they are trying to actively push the guest star credits. It sucks because I get bored with no auditions or work coming in and I get ancy. I want to DO something! Doesn't look like I will do much of anything the rest of 2008. I'll be "on vacation" for the majority of the remainder of this year. I'm also eager to do a play. I'm even submitting myself for one in NYC!
So hopefully 2009 holds more for me. I'm thinking of getting into an on-going class. The one thing the workshop yesterday helped me realize is I have been out of class too long. I have been getting comfortable in some of my bad habits and I should get back to exercising my acting muscles regularly. I may audit Larry Moss's master class at the start of the new year. We'll see.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Very Sad Day...

I got some really sad news tonight.
My dog Benson died. :(
He was only 2 1/2 years old and he was staying at my parent's house in Texas. I've been wanting to move him to Los Angeles with me for the past year, but since my yard isn't that big, and I'm rarely home, I figured it was best to leave him in Texas where he can run and play with other dogs. He was such a sweet and playful dog and he will surely be missed. :(

I got a call on Friday for an audition tomorrow for Eli Stone. It's for a small co-star role of the Jury Foreman. My agents are going to call them back and pass on it. They are really doing what they can to keep me in the guest star world, and I appreciate that. I know I will work less, but its a sacrifice I have to make for the greater good of my career.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Slow Week

President Obama!!!!!

Well, I hope you didn't blink!
My scene seemed pretty fast on DH on Sunday. And my Goodness! They say the camera adds ten pounds - but we're gonna go with the rumor that there must've been 3 cameras on me! haha Yikes! Doesn't help that tiny Eva is in the scene with me!
I took the day off yesterday to VOTE (YAY OBAMA!!!) and I had scheduled myself to sub today - BUT AEF called with my first commercial audition!! So I cancelled my subbing job to go to my audition this morning at 10:40am. They were casting for families and I was paired up with a husband and a very cute little girl! It was quick- but painless.
I don't expect much to happen between now and the end of the year considering I will be out of town for two weeks at the end of November and again at the end of December. But I'm anxious to see what 2009 has in store for me.
Still tossing around the idea of NYC next summer. Maybe do a play out there..? We'll see.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Tonight on ABC!

Well, it looks like I'm let go from being on Avail for the commercial. My schedule conflicted and that basically took me out of the running. But the casting director, Pam Gilles, was very sweet and understanding and even wished me a safe and fun trip to Italy. Nice! But I really wished I could've done this job. :(
Ok, tonight is the night. I swear.
My Desperate Housewives episode should be airing tonight on ABC at 9pm pacific time. Look for me as the (surprise!) Housekeeper to the new rich family in the neighborhood. My boss apparently loves getting massages from Carlos, Gabby's husband.