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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Birthday Boy

So tomorrow Nicolas turns one year old.
I can't believe that a year has gone by already.  I remember when he was born.  I was excited, nervous, not knowing what to expect.  And here we are...a year later and I no longer have a baby boy.  I have a little boy.  A boy who is walking already!  A boy who loves cheerios, yogurt, crackers and raisins.  He makes cute scrunched up faces and loves bath time.  He has 8 teeth and loves drinking from a straw.  He'd rather feed himself with his hands than take a spoon.  And he loves sharing and hugs.  He's my baby no matter how old he gets.  And I'm so proud of him!
We celebrated his birthday in Corpus this past weekend, surrounded by family who all love him.  And even though I was stressed out about planning this party, and making sure everything ran smoothly, I had a great time seeing Nic have fun.  :)

Happy birthday my sweetheart!  Mommy loves you very much!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Trailer for the film HOMEBOUND

So excited to share the trailer of Homebound by Fanny Veliz, my first feature film as a Casting Director.  Homebound Trailer

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How My Life is Different:

1. My collection of many cute and sexy high heel shoes are collecting dust under my bed.

2. I am now a very light sleeper. The smallest sound from anywhere in the house has me up and ready to tend to a baby.

 3. If I ever sleep past 7am, it is a luxury, and definitely considered "sleeping in".

 4. I pay the same monthly for my two story house in Texas than I did for my one bedroom apartment in West Hollywood. Less even. And the house still isn't big enough!

 5. I went from a two seater sports car to an SUV, and it's STILL not big enough!

 6. I dread getting a call that I have an audition since that means I would need to find a sitter. Or more than likely, decline the audition.

 7. Going to the movies is now a rarity in my life, when it was something I did 4-5 times a week!

 8. I can't remember the last time I got my nails done.

 9. Or put on makeup. (Oh, wait, it was date night this past Saturday.)

 10. My living room now looks like a day care center threw up all over it.

 11. I do more laundry than I've ever done in my life.

 12. I cook way more than I ever knew I had the skill for!

13. There are days when I don't see or speak to another grown up until Daddy comes home.

 14. After kids, I'm not so easily grossed out anymore.

 15. I fill my gas tank up maybe once every 2 weeks instead of every 3-4 days.

 16. My social happy hours I used to have frequently have now been replaced with glasses of wine at home.

 17. I can't remember the last time I bought something for myself.

 18. My life isn't about me anymore.

 Now, How My Life is Better:

 1. My family. :) and how my life isn't about me anymore...

Monday, August 13, 2012

How Funny is This???

So I've been feeling a little stressed and frustrated lately. With two babies six months apart??? How is that possible??? ;) Lol I'm sure spending 24/7 with my babies, its obvious I need a break, for my sanity. And Ceasar and I definitely are overdue for a date night. WAY overdue. I frantically started looking for referrals for babysitters and tried to find an evening where we can finally go out as adults, minus the company of our kids. I got a couple of names of high schoolers that other moms use regularly. I just wasn't sure if it would be wise to have a teenager watch TWO babies so young at the same time - for the first time with our family. So we opted to try a drop off center that stays open late. We took a tour of the facility Saturday morning, to see if we got a good vibe and to check out how clean and friendly the place was. Nic seemed to take to the place pretty quickly. He loved seeing the other kids and the many toys they had there. Plus, I liked that this place had certified employees that were trained to deal with emergency situations dealing with children. So we decided to bring them back that same evening for a four hour time block, so we could have dinner and maybe check out a band somewhere. First off, I didn't expect myself to be affected the way I was when I left them there. I figured I would be relieved and excited to go out, but instead I was heart broken, worried, and scared. It broke my heart to walk away from that building, knowing they had never spent any time there, nor didnt know any of those people. You see, we have never left the babies with anyone other than family. Pretty instantly, we found ourselves looking through our pictures of the babies and wondering how they were doing. After dinner, two hours after we dropped them off, I had to call and see how they were. They told us that, at first, they were not happy. But after a while, they calmed down and started playing. So we decided to continue on with our date. Which lasted maybe another hour. Lol We checked out a live band at a patio bar, and after an hour there, we looked at each other and were ready to pick up our babies. An hour early. We missed them way too much to really enjoy the rest of our night. Isn't that funny? We needed a date night so we can spend time alone, and we couldn't wait to pick up our babies! I'm sure it gets easier, but for the first time - that was hard. I couldn't help wondering if they really did have a good time. Were they being played with or just left alone? Were they being treated respectfully and kindly? It's a scary thing to entrust the most important people in your life to complete strangers. I doubt we will have another date night soon. Maybe we can swing one once a month or something? Maybe by then we will try the teenager babysitters so the babies get to stay home with their own toys and beds. Who knows. But I'm happy to be home and with my babies again. :)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Back to Coaching

So after taking a good year and a half off of coaching, I got back into it again last week. A friend of mine in LA referred a local kid actor to me for coaching and/or consulting. I coached him for a short film audition he had in Dallas. I hadn't been actively pursuing this extension of my career here in Austin because...well, I had been busy having a baby and raising TWO! Lol But now I'm thinking it would be nice, a couple of days out of the week, to set aside for coaching and consulting - you know, to ease back into it. I'm even purchasing a video camera so I can either put myself on tape if anything interesting comes along - or coach and tape other kid or adult actors who need to send tape. Right now I'll just expect to get my clients through word of mouth, and as it begins to grow, then actively market it. Hmm.. I'm actually excited to focus on something business related again. :) Too much time off being a "mom" makes me miss it a bit. ;)

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

This Sh*t is HARD!

No one told me it would be like this! Seriously! All my mom friends would say that whenever I became a mom, it would be the best experience of my life! Unlike anything I've ever experienced! No one can truly explain what that love feels like...yadda yadda yadda... And it's all true. I never could've imagined that I could feel love like this for another human being - much less TWO. It's unlike any love I've ever experienced. These two babies are my reason for living at the moment - my purpose in life, and most definitely the HARDEST job I've ever had in my life. Now, most would say that coming from a nice career as an actress in Hollywood, that's not saying much. True. But I don't know how else to express how hard this mom thing is. No. Really. Let's just start with yesterday. In my efforts in trying to be a "great" stay-at-home mom, I've looked into the various places in the area that have "Baby and Me" classes and story time. I can be busy everyday if I chose to drag myself out of the house. Yesterday was unlike any normal day for me. I decided that I will attempt a nice stroll around my neighborhood in an effort to get the babies out into fresh air and for me to get some sort of exercise. One lap around the block, and Nic somehow loses his hat. I take another lap around expecting to find it by a curb somewhere. No such luck. Damn. I loaded up both babies and headed to my nearby Baby Earth store where the Baby and Me class was held at 3:30pm. All the other babies were around Ivy's age, around 5-8 months. Nic may have been the oldest baby there, but not by much. All the other babies had their mommy there to focus solely on them. My poor babies had one mommy there (me) who divided her attention between them. Which resulted in poor Ivy strapped to a bouncer since she is the calmer baby, while I tried to keep up with Nic. I felt so bad because I didn't think either one of my babies got the most out of this class. I have no idea how I can work this out. I don't want to throw in the towel. I want to be able to socialize them with other babies, and for me to get out of the house. But I have no idea how to make this work. Yet. Then today.... We had a CRAZY explosion of a number 2 diaper on poor Nic this morning. I'm talking CRA-ZY. It happened while he was having breakfast in his high chair. Let's just say everything needs to be thrown into the washer - TWICE and Nic had to be hosed down. Literally. Then, Ivy, poor baby, woke up feeling a bit under the weather. Runny nose and a cough - just like her daddy today. Add teething to the mix and I get my first full out tantrum for 30 minutes. I'm talking, she's red, coughing, crying, screaming, inconsolable. I try changing her diaper, giving her a bottle, rubbing her gums with teething gel, giving her teething tablets. She finally exhausted herself and fell asleep. Now I'm exhausted. I keep telling myself that it will probably get harder before it gets easier - but I'm SURE it WILL get easier. Right? I mean, I can't imagine it getting any harder. And I'm sure what makes this so hard than most moms is that I have two babies under the age of one. I just feel guilty that neither one of them ever get my full attention during the day. I have to divide it between them. No real one on one time. :( In just a few months, Ivy will be big enough to play with Nic and they can keep each other company and have fun together - and maybe I can get some of my sanity back. Maybe.