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Monday, August 13, 2012

How Funny is This???

So I've been feeling a little stressed and frustrated lately. With two babies six months apart??? How is that possible??? ;) Lol I'm sure spending 24/7 with my babies, its obvious I need a break, for my sanity. And Ceasar and I definitely are overdue for a date night. WAY overdue. I frantically started looking for referrals for babysitters and tried to find an evening where we can finally go out as adults, minus the company of our kids. I got a couple of names of high schoolers that other moms use regularly. I just wasn't sure if it would be wise to have a teenager watch TWO babies so young at the same time - for the first time with our family. So we opted to try a drop off center that stays open late. We took a tour of the facility Saturday morning, to see if we got a good vibe and to check out how clean and friendly the place was. Nic seemed to take to the place pretty quickly. He loved seeing the other kids and the many toys they had there. Plus, I liked that this place had certified employees that were trained to deal with emergency situations dealing with children. So we decided to bring them back that same evening for a four hour time block, so we could have dinner and maybe check out a band somewhere. First off, I didn't expect myself to be affected the way I was when I left them there. I figured I would be relieved and excited to go out, but instead I was heart broken, worried, and scared. It broke my heart to walk away from that building, knowing they had never spent any time there, nor didnt know any of those people. You see, we have never left the babies with anyone other than family. Pretty instantly, we found ourselves looking through our pictures of the babies and wondering how they were doing. After dinner, two hours after we dropped them off, I had to call and see how they were. They told us that, at first, they were not happy. But after a while, they calmed down and started playing. So we decided to continue on with our date. Which lasted maybe another hour. Lol We checked out a live band at a patio bar, and after an hour there, we looked at each other and were ready to pick up our babies. An hour early. We missed them way too much to really enjoy the rest of our night. Isn't that funny? We needed a date night so we can spend time alone, and we couldn't wait to pick up our babies! I'm sure it gets easier, but for the first time - that was hard. I couldn't help wondering if they really did have a good time. Were they being played with or just left alone? Were they being treated respectfully and kindly? It's a scary thing to entrust the most important people in your life to complete strangers. I doubt we will have another date night soon. Maybe we can swing one once a month or something? Maybe by then we will try the teenager babysitters so the babies get to stay home with their own toys and beds. Who knows. But I'm happy to be home and with my babies again. :)


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