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Monday, May 10, 2010

Last Minute Booking!

I am so sorry! I made a new year's resolution to make this blog a regular item on my "to-do" list. I have been slacking. I'll try to be better.
Ok, so update - I booked yet another feature film! YAY!!!
I had a last minute audition for a film called "Goodnight Moon", starring Kate Bosworth , Leslie Mann, and Juno Temple. And directed by the lovely Elgin James. It all happened so fast! I got the call at 1pm on Thursday to make a 3pm audition in SANTA MONICA the same day! I rushed over, had a great audition, and found out the next day I booked it and would be working on Mother's Day. Wow! I play a cashier whose store the two teen leads shoplift from and get busted. I had a prety fun scene where they get to douse me with grape soda and salsa. fun fun fun! :)
I'm officially on vacation now, taking a roadtrip to Vegas, through Albuquerque, then all over Texas, and a week in Cancun before I head back and look for a new place in Hollywood. Lots to do this summer - and BIG changes! :)
Couldn't be happier though! :)