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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Underestimating Jinxing

ok, I have to blame myself partially for this - since I was so damn SURE I would book this!
I got a call from my manager this afternoon saying they called from Cold Case and cancelled my callback because they went ahead and booked someone else. WHAT???? That's freakin' impossible!!! Didn't they know I was the only one who could do this role? Hel-lo??!! Damn! I feel pretty sick to my stomach right about now! And mainly because I have never felt so sure about a role before. But I guess that's where over-confidence meets jinxing yourself! :( I'm so very curious to know who they ended up casting. But to stay positive and refrain from crawling into bed for the rest of the day, I have to say that it's their loss and this just means bigger and better things for myself on the horizon.
I'm a big believer in "everything happens for a reason" - and if this happened so I can get my once-lost confidence, then it served it's purpose. And a much needed one at that! :)
Time to put it behind me and move forward with my head held high. (Despite this pain in my stomach.)

Monday, January 29, 2007

The Wonders of Good Vibes!

The Cold Case Cast

Thanks for all those who sent good vibes my way today! I have to say that this audition simply went - AWESOME!!!! I went in for the guest star lead on Cold Case and I was totally feeling in character as the tough, bully, "homegirl"/gangbanger "Vita Suarez" and I looked the part too! I added black lipliner around my lips, penciled in my eyebrows darker and layered on the clothes. It's funny how wardrobe can really put you in the mindset of the character. I was totally feeling it and while the girl in front of me was inside the audition room, this lady comes in with her cute baby and sits right next to me! So there I am, smiling at the cute baby and saying hi, and feeling warm and kind - when I should be feeling mean and bitchy! Damn cute kid! haha j/k
So quickly I tried to ignore the red headed 1 yr old and get back into my mindset, and then the door opens and my name is called. I walk in and prepare to do my scenes. The first one went so well that the casting director commented "I'm scared of you!" - which is great since that's what my character is trying to do to the other person in the scene: scare them. :) I did the second scene and right afterwards he said, "Good job! I'm bringing you back for producers tomorrow." :) YAY!!!!!!!!
I'm so excited because I have never felt so confident about a part. I mean, I truly believe there is not another single person who can do this part like I can. I've done this kind of character before a couple of times - and have done it well (if I do say so myself! heehee)
It's MINE! I can feel it. I know it. I own it. I would be shocked - and very disappoimted if I didn't book this. That's how good I feel about it. Really. So hopefully I can post about booking it soon. Hopefully. (Don't want to jinx myself) :)
Since it worked today, let's send out another request for good vibes tomorrow at 5:30pm. Thanks! :)

The Wonders of a Good Audition

Well, I worked on this audition as much as I could with my friend Angel, and I have to say, it really helped me a lot. (Thanks Angel!) I haven't done an emotional scene like this in a very long time. I got there to the casting office and I saw a few familiar faces that I usually go up against. And I recognized some of the talent, which made me feel good because I knew what their strengths and weaknesses were, and that made me more aware of my own. :) In a good way, of course. I was waiting for an hour and 15 minutes before I was called in, which contributed to the nervous feel for the scene! I went all out my first run and she really liked it. She game me an adjustment to pull back on the emotion just a bit and to play a certain part more cold. And I did exactly that and she seemed pretty happy at the fact that I took her direction well. We did the second scene and that went extremely well also. She then took my picture and turned it over to my resume side and said, "Very good work Lydia! Why don't I know you?" So we chatted about how I worked on The Shield which she happened to be working on another project for the office - so our paths never crossed. But I left there feeling like I made a fan in her - so it was a hugely successful audition! :)
It's funny how a good audition can instantly put the spring in my step again. My confidence level seemed to go back to what it usually is! Thank God! Because I was beginning to worry myself with so much negative energy! Now I feel 100 % better about myself and my career. It doesn't hurt that even though this was "just" my second audition this month - I have to remember that both were guest star roles on PILOTS! So it's all good!
As soon as I got back to my car from the audition, I had a message from my manager letting me know of another audition for Monday!! YAY!!!! This one is the guest star LEAD on Cold Case! I saw the sides and I was SO SO SO happy to see it's a character I have played a couple of times before in plays - so I feel extremely confident that I can NAIL this. And nail it hard! :)
I feel a good booking on the horizon! Send good vibes my way around 2:30pm tomorrow. Please!!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Pilot Audition!

Finally, after just one audition this whole month - I now have my SECOND one! It's for a guest star role on a new pilot. The show looks like a "dramedy" and the part is a good one. For some reason, I just feel rusty. Like I haven't acted in YEARS! Weird huh? My last job, aside from shooting Paradise Drive last weekend, was Notes from the Underbelly and that was in November I think. So it doesn't sound like too long ago - yet I feel like I forgot how to do this. Crazy. Maybe it's just nerves.
I'm getting together with my friend Angel tonight to work on it. So hopefully I'll be able to go in there tomorrow with a new found confidence. Send good vibes my way around 11am. I'll need them.
The good news is the audition is with FMW casting - the same office who cast me in The Shield. So at least I know they like me enough... ;)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Shooting Episode 15

I shot episode 15 of Paradise Drive on Saturday. I was having some trouble during the rehearsal process for this episode because I haven't done one since maybe episode 6, and I came back to this one and my character had been changed. Significantly. They decided that during my time away from the show, my character went to make up school to become a make up artist for TV and film. So instead of being goth - I tranformed into more of a funky, artistic "Silver Lake" eclectic character.
We also had a director come in for the first time and steer us. At first he had a few good ideas, and then it rubbed me the wrong way to have him direct me in a totally different direction than what my character was! See, my character on the show is this dark goth girl who has bitten off the head of a bat, she worked in a morgue putting make up on dead people. She wasn't exactly Miss Sunshine. But yet, he wanted me to play her all smiley and happy and flirty. He saw me walk into the room one night and said that he wanted my character to be just like I was when I walked in - full of life and happiness. Ummm...I knew this character - and he didn't, and I didn't agree with this vision. So that made rehearsals difficult for me. I was trying to stay consistent to my original idea, just change her style a bit. But I was left confused as to how to morph her into a different person after I shot 6 epsiodes already as a dark goth character.
Anyway, the shoot went well. I'm so sorry I forgot my camera because I thought I nailed that whole funky artistic look! It would've been nice to post a couple of pics in costume. Oh well.....
Man, it has been D. E. A. D for me. No auditions whatsoever. And that's with a new agent representing me across the board AND a manager - and new headshots......and nothing! I guess everything happens for a reason. I can't complain too much. I have until Feb 9th to sub in this first grade class and I'm trying to do 21 days in a row - so maybe THAT'S the reason!
I'm thinking of starting some kind of scene study class - just to keep my acting muscles working since I haven't done a play in a while. Over a year already! I'd love to do one maybe sometime this summer.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Network Premiere of THE TERMINAL!

The Terminal premieres on network tv tonight on ABC at 8pm pacific time. Check it out! :)

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Great Audition!

So I went in and read for that pilot today. It went awesome! I saw Felicia Fasano (the casting director) while I was in the waiting room with the other actors. She said, "Is that Lydia? I didn't see you sneak in!". She was very friendly - but she waited until I walked into the audition room, away from the other actors, to give me a big, warm bear hug! She is so very sweet - I just love her! So I did my scene the first time the way I had practiced it and she redirected me and added some stuff that sounded a little vague and complicated - but somehow I pulled it off. Her assistant even said she was impressed! Felicia said I nailed it and it was done perfectly! But we'll see. It's not a booking until it's a booking, right?!~ ;)
I had a really good rehearsal tonight for Paradise Drive. We had a guest director for this episode. It was good to have someone see it through fresh eyes. It ended up 100 times better! :) I rehearse all next week and then we shoot next Saturday.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bad Blogger!

I spent some time during the holidays with my neice and godson in Texas! I miss my Aaron so much!!!! :)
I'm such a bad blogger! It's January 10th, and I haven't updated. :( Sorry to all my "faithful readers". I promise to be better from here on out!

Well, I got back in LA last Wednesday and kinda adjusted for a few days. Then, I got sick. So my whole weekend consisted of me on my couch, watching movies, and blowing my nose. I was being productive though. I got my postcards ready! I am mailing them this week and dropping some of them off. They basically sum up my 2006 news: Booking The Holiday (now in thetaers), What About Brian and Notes From the Underbelly as well as the short film Ensenada and the industrial for Achieve Global. I also included that I got new headshots and a new agent: Hervey/Grimes Talent.

I took on a first grade class last Thursday for the next 5 or 6 weeks. So I have a subbing job everyday - that's good. Steady income coming in. The bad news is this is pilot season and hopefully I will be pretty busy - which means I will be needing a sub for myself when I get auditions! The crazy thing is, if I work 21 days without taking a day off, I get the long term pay, which is REALLY good - but if I call in just ONE day - I don't get that pay. So I would end up losing an additional $1,000 just for calling in for ONE day to go to an audition. Yikes! I hope all my auditions in January are after 2pm! :) That would be PERFECT! :)

Ok, so I went in on Monday to sign paperwork with my new agent Hervey/Grimes. It always feels good to have an agent who is very excited to work with you! And everyone in that office is really nice. They are not as "big" as I had hoped to land - but I always say there's a reason for everything. They might just prove themselves the best agent I ever had! Time will tell.... :)

I went by Breakdown Services today and, despite how broke I am and the fact that should NOT be spending money right now, I uploaded my demo reel on the site. My manager, Laura, had been after me to get this done, and when my new agent brought it up - I figured it would loook bad on me if I ignored her request (until next paycheck). So I went ahead and got that done. YAY!!! That should be up and running the middle of next week. Now, if only I can get on the ball and put it on my own website! I will....I will....

I've been in rehearsal for the 15th episode of our little pilot project Paradise Drive. We shoot it next Saturday.

And I've been saving the best for last: I have an audition tomorrow!!!! YAY!!!! The first one of 2007! So hopefully that's good luck and I book it! :) It's for a one day guest star role/possible recurring on a new comedy pilot for Showtime. I'm going in for a "prim and proper" teacher! Well, that will be easy to get into character since I'll be teaching all day and heading over afterwards! And I've booked with this office before - AS A TEACHER and for a show on Showtime as well: Sleeper Cell!

Feeling good about this.... :)

Monday, January 01, 2007


Well, today is the first day of 2007! I'm very eager to get back to Los Angeles. I've been in Texas for 2 weeks already and I fly back on Wednesday. :) I had a nice vacation with family and friends and I'm ready to get back to work!
I'm very optimistic about this new year. I just have a really good feeling about 2007. I'm not saying I will book a regular on a new pilot which becomes an instant hit (though that would be nice - and it could be possible!), but I just feel like great things will happen this year!
What I love about New Year's Day is that feeling of a new start! Last year was last year and there's nothing but forward moving now.
I'm excited to see what new experiences are in store for me this new year. I plan to do a little traveling this year, a cruise in May, maybe go somewhere for my birthday at the end of May, and if I can swing it, a trip to Italy. But we'll see how everything goes! I'd also like to start saving more and investing - kinda counterproductive with all the trips I want to take, huh? :)
My main goal is to stay positive and focused this year.
Happy New Year to all and I wish everyone HEALTH, HAPPINESSS, and PEACE! :)