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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bad Blogger!

I spent some time during the holidays with my neice and godson in Texas! I miss my Aaron so much!!!! :)
I'm such a bad blogger! It's January 10th, and I haven't updated. :( Sorry to all my "faithful readers". I promise to be better from here on out!

Well, I got back in LA last Wednesday and kinda adjusted for a few days. Then, I got sick. So my whole weekend consisted of me on my couch, watching movies, and blowing my nose. I was being productive though. I got my postcards ready! I am mailing them this week and dropping some of them off. They basically sum up my 2006 news: Booking The Holiday (now in thetaers), What About Brian and Notes From the Underbelly as well as the short film Ensenada and the industrial for Achieve Global. I also included that I got new headshots and a new agent: Hervey/Grimes Talent.

I took on a first grade class last Thursday for the next 5 or 6 weeks. So I have a subbing job everyday - that's good. Steady income coming in. The bad news is this is pilot season and hopefully I will be pretty busy - which means I will be needing a sub for myself when I get auditions! The crazy thing is, if I work 21 days without taking a day off, I get the long term pay, which is REALLY good - but if I call in just ONE day - I don't get that pay. So I would end up losing an additional $1,000 just for calling in for ONE day to go to an audition. Yikes! I hope all my auditions in January are after 2pm! :) That would be PERFECT! :)

Ok, so I went in on Monday to sign paperwork with my new agent Hervey/Grimes. It always feels good to have an agent who is very excited to work with you! And everyone in that office is really nice. They are not as "big" as I had hoped to land - but I always say there's a reason for everything. They might just prove themselves the best agent I ever had! Time will tell.... :)

I went by Breakdown Services today and, despite how broke I am and the fact that should NOT be spending money right now, I uploaded my demo reel on the site. My manager, Laura, had been after me to get this done, and when my new agent brought it up - I figured it would loook bad on me if I ignored her request (until next paycheck). So I went ahead and got that done. YAY!!! That should be up and running the middle of next week. Now, if only I can get on the ball and put it on my own website! I will....I will....

I've been in rehearsal for the 15th episode of our little pilot project Paradise Drive. We shoot it next Saturday.

And I've been saving the best for last: I have an audition tomorrow!!!! YAY!!!! The first one of 2007! So hopefully that's good luck and I book it! :) It's for a one day guest star role/possible recurring on a new comedy pilot for Showtime. I'm going in for a "prim and proper" teacher! Well, that will be easy to get into character since I'll be teaching all day and heading over afterwards! And I've booked with this office before - AS A TEACHER and for a show on Showtime as well: Sleeper Cell!

Feeling good about this.... :)


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