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Thursday, July 14, 2011



That's the only word to describe this journey I'm on. :)

So my play closes this weekend. Is it bad to say I'm looking forward to it? I mean, I've had an amazing time working on the show with everyone, but I really can't wait to take a break from Acting. Completely. Never thought I would ever say those words....but I'm ready to tackle the next phase of my life and new career, whatever that may be. :) Gotta love those new beginnings...

I had the most unbelievable experience in callbacks yesterday.
I've been holding auditions in Austin and Houston, trying to get this feature film cast. I've been accepting video submissions, and organizing open calls in the town we are shooting in. And last Saturday, we had an open call in El Campo, and this gentleman who has never acted before, came in. He had a great look - kinda reminded me of Tyrese. He's was tall, bald, and muscular. He had the perfect look for the role of Freddy C. I read him and he wasn't bad actually. So I invited him to the callback in Houston with the Director. He walked in, memorized, and relaxed. Different from Saturday. And he just blew us all away. He was amazing. He literally had us in tears at the end of his last scene. It truly was an amazing experience. So much so, I contact my agent there in Houston, sent over his tape, and raved about him. She would love to contact him. So now, he may have a new beginning on a new career. Awesome! :)

We are at the end of the casting process. We begin shooting Monday and most parts are being offered this week - so it should all be done soon.