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Friday, February 23, 2007


Just getting off of a two week job spoils me I have to say. I got back from Vancouver and I was ready to book the next job! I've been back for a week and a day and I haven't gone out on a single audition. :( I just did a postcard mailing yesterday announcing my pilot booking, so hopefully that will generate some auditions. I'm back to subbing, after a "vacation". And I like being a working actor much better than a working substitute teacher. But to be honest - and positive, WORKING period is better than NOT working! So I'm grateful for that!

Friday, February 16, 2007

More Pics

1st pic: getting my hair flipped fo rmy last night of shooting, 2nd pic: The ferry that took me to Granville Island, 3rd pic: the view while walking in Stanely Park, 4th pic: ME!!! :), 5th pic: Chinese Garden in Vancouver's Chinatown, 6th pic: locals giving away free hugs in downtown Vancouver

Thursday, February 15, 2007

I'm Back!!!!

1st pic: taking a break from my hike around STanley Park, 2nd pic: Me and "the Mistress" Lorena on my last night of shooting, 3rd pic: The ladies of "The Virgin of Akron Ohio hit the town! Actually, just having dinner by the water :) from left to right: Jill Latiano, Lorena Segura, ME, Chelah Horsdal
I'm Back!!! YAY!!!! I can't tell you how much I missed the sunshine! Talk about not knowing what you have until its gone! I'm so happy to be home! I had a GREAT time working in Vancouver, but I have to say, I was really looking forward to coming home. I'm not sure why - that just meant I'd be unemployed again! But I missed sunny California! I was actually sick from Monday until Wedneday morning. Some kind of stomach flu which kept me in bed for my last couple of days off from shooting. Thankfully I was feeling better for my last night of work. I flew in this afternoon. I took lots of pictures, but I didn't think I should post all 75! So here are a few and maybe I'll post more later.... :)
It feels good to come off of a 2 week job! I'm ready for the next one!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Greetings from Vancouver!

1st pic: Me (with my new short haircut) and my "friends" (played by background artists), 2nd pic: Me and my "husband" Mauricio Mendoza (his character was in a car accident - thus the make-up), 3rd pic: the CAST WALL - I LOVE seeing my picture on one of these!!!! :)

Well, it’s been a week now and I can really get used to this! Why, oh why, do I have to go back to being unemployed after this?? Hopefully not for too long! :)
Vancouver is really nice! It’s been raining and cold the entire time I’ve been here, with the exception of yesterday – which was beautiful. And it’s so exciting to be working with such great and positive people. Every night, after we wrap for the day, the director and writer come around and give us all hugs while telling us what a great job we did! It’s been great!!
Ok, let me back up a bit and give you a play by play…
I was flown in last Sunday and went through a 2 hour hell at immigration when I arrived, since I didn’t have my passport yet. But I expected that so no biggie. I went straight to the production office where they told me that my fitting will be first thing the next morning, so I was taken to my hotel. The hotel is really nice, by the way. It’s the place where all the actors on location stay because the concierge is so great at meeting “all our needs”. I guess they’re used to us always picking up the phone for any little thing!
Day one on set was so awesome! It’s a different feeling when shooting a pilot than it is when shooting a show that’s already on the air. When I’m part of the guest cast on an existing show, I’m coming into their world. I’m a new visitor to THEIR set. But a pilot makes you feel part of the family because it’s the first time that this cast and crew are working together. Too bad I won’t be able to show up everyday for work after its picked up! :( Unless of course they decide to change me into a series regular and I live next door! :)
As soon as I arrived on set my 1st day of shooting, I’m greeted by Russell, the hair guy, and he says that he just got out of a meeting with the director and producers and they were discussing my hair. They would really like it if I let them cut some of it because they really want my character to seem more upscale and put together. I guess my long hair seemed too casual for what they wanted. I struggled with this decision because A. I like long hair on myself and B. I just took new headshots a couple of months ago and I really want to look like them! But then I had to ask myself – WHY do I want to look like my headshots…..well, to book work during pilot season – like THIS pilot I just booked. Soooo, if they wanted to cut my hair, I should comply. I definitely didn’t want to sound like the “complicated actress”. So they proceeded to cut my hair. All of it. 5 inches of it! It’s officially short, but I like it! It’s cute and definitely healthier looking. Hmmm….. I might just keep it this short! :)
I got to hang out and bond with my husband, who was played by Mauricio Mendoza, who played the older brother on the series Resurrection Blvd. I also hung out with Lorena Segura who played my husband's mistress. We were the three “Latinos” on set so we spent a lot of time figuring out which friends we had in common back in LA! Another Latina on set was Lucia, who happened to be the VP of Series Development executive for Lifetime. She was so very sweet! She was from Guatemala and wanted to talk and bond with us too! The director, Randy Zisk, was very sweet and generous. At one point he even said, “I know one show the three of you will all be on this year….Monk.” Apparently he is one of the executive producers and steady directors on the show. And believe me, I will make sure he is reminded of that comment as time goes by! Hahaha
I had a lot of downtime this week since I only worked 3 days, so I tried to see as much of Vancouver as I could. I did a lot fo shopping with the per diem they gave us! :) And luckily Saturday was a beautiful day to walk Stanley Park. I think we covered ¼ of the park in a three hour hike! It’s huge! I’m still off the next couple of days, so I plan to see a bit more of the city! I work Wednesday and the I fly back Thursday morning.
My manager had called me the first couple of days in town to tell me GREAT news! What About Brian called and they had me written in this next episode. We had worked it out that I would catch the earliest flight on Thursday the 15th, and I would be able to go straight to the set that day and work. I was so excited with the idea of flying in from one job and going straight to another. But then I got the news that they changed their schedule and wanted me to shoot my scene on Tuesday the 13th instead. And since I will still be here in Canada, it didn’t work out. :( Damn! Oh well…next episode.
The highlight of my work on the set came from a compliment I received from the camera guy. He stopped me one night at craft services and said he had to tell me what a great job I did in that dramatic scene with my husband where he begs for my forgiveness and I take him back. He said just watching my eyes well up with tears and trying to hold them back almost made HIM cry! It felt so good to hear that, especially since I wasn’t sure how my dramatic scenes were looking. My last day of work last week was my most dranmatic and difficult day. It’s the scene where the mistress tells me that she’s in love with my husband. I wasn’t sure if I was nailing it like I wanted to. I felt like I could’ve done better – but I couldn’t reach it for some reason. But the director and writer told me they were very happy with their coverage. And the other actors told me that is they weren’t happy, we would’ve done it over and over again until they got what they needed. I guess I’m just too hard on myself.
All in all this has been a HUGE learning experience for me. Just spending time around people who are in a place where I want to be (series regulars) was a positive experience. I got to hear from Jill Latiano, the new star of the pilot, what it was like to get that call that she booked this. Her first starring series regular role! It’s pretty exciting for her! I also had the chance to talk with Chelah Horsdal, who plays her sister, and who happens to be a veteran series regular and we talked about the world of negotiating contracts over dinner one night. I learned a lot about what this process is like. I can’t wait until I’m in that position!
By the way, I finally saw The Secret! Very interesting movie. And yes, I can see how it changes lives! I’m excited to put it into practice all that I’ve learned from that film and watch the positive changes happen in my life!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

My first "LA" headshot 6 years ago! Time sure does fly!

I just realized this morning that TODAY is my 6th year anniversay here in LA! Talk about having a great way to celebrate! Nothing like booking a pilot that takes you to VANCOUVER for 10 days to make you feel like all the hard work over the past 6 years have been worth it!

It hasn't always been easy, or fun - but I have learned a lot about myself and this business over these past few years.

Here's to future years of great bookings and experiences!! :)


That's the only way to describe how I'm feeling right now. Wow. Things move pretty fast out here in LA LA land. So I found out last night at around 6pm that I booked the pilot! It's a "top of show guest star" role and I'm SUPER excited about it! Then, I find out that it's shooting in....Vancouver! Canada!! Even cooler! YAY! THEN, I find out that they are flying me out there TOMORROW morning for 10 days! Wow. Crazy how things happen so fast! So while they are telling me about the "car" that's picking me up first thing Sunday morning to take me to LAX so I can get on my firtst class flight to dawns on me that hel-lo - I have yet to get a passport! Whoops! My manager Jean Marc has been on me about this for a few years now, and the possibility that I will work out the country someday soon seemed so far-fetched to me that I just kept putting it off until "later". It seems like "later" ended up "sooner" and now I can hear his big "I told you so!" in my head as I'm trying to figure out what to do! But I think it will all work itself out. I'm dealing with the whole passport issue today - trying to get it taken care of and fed-ex'd to my hotel in Canada while I'm there, so I can have a way back into the states! I also have to pack and get everything in order so I can leave for a couple of weeks.
But I'm pretty excited because it's my first official "top of show guest star"! (and my first official first class flight!) heehee :) I'll be sure to post all about it - step by step - and take lots of pictures! I'm sure it will be cold there! Gotta remember to pack some warm clothes!
Man, this feels really good! If this is any indication as what the rest of the year will be like for me - I'm pretty excited!!!
Thanks everyone for your support - especially during my tough patches - and now with the success! :) I really do appreciate it!
Noting like a good job to lift your spirits, huh? ;)

Friday, February 02, 2007

I Like Good News!

I got a call at 10:15am this morning, while I was teaching, telling me that I had a last minute callback for the pilot "The Virgin of Akron, Ohio" at 1pm. This is the emotional rollercoaster part that I went in for last Friday. So I headed over during lunch and saw that they were seeing a few girls for a different role - but no one there for mine. I did see one other girl who was up for the role of "Gina" - the woman who my husband cheats with, there and no one else for her role either. Hmmm...interesting.... They had us wait a little because the casting director wanted to work with us on it. I thought this was a "producer's session" - so I thought I would be walking into a room full of people, like it normally is on a callback. But this time it was just the CD, myself, and her assistant working the camera. She basically directed both scenes for me until I did it perfectly how she wanted it. She asked if I could put the script down during the scene and I had just refreshed my memory of the lines - so I wasn't sure I could do it without messing up. But I put my sides down anyway, and hoped for the best. Luckily, somehow, my memory kicked in and I was able to do the lines without a problem. :)
At one point, after she adjusted the lighting to "perection" - she said "I'm going to get you this part if it's the last thing I do!". Wow! I don't know if any other casting director has pulled for me this much on a role before! It was really nice to hear that! You never know just how much a casting director really likes you, or goes to bat for you, so it's nice when you find out these things! :) We did the scenes a few times and she seemed very happy with them. So now it's up to the producers to decide. I believe this shoots on Tuesday of next week, so if I book this, I should hear something by the end of today or Monday.
Another piece of GREAT manager called me yesterday to let me know I'm "pinned" for another episode of What About Brian. I guess this means they have my character, Maria the nanny, written in this next episode, but not sure if it will stay in. So I'm pinned for now. I think this shoots in a week or so, so we'll see. YAY!!!
I like good news. Good news is always.....good! :)