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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Greetings from Vancouver!

1st pic: Me (with my new short haircut) and my "friends" (played by background artists), 2nd pic: Me and my "husband" Mauricio Mendoza (his character was in a car accident - thus the make-up), 3rd pic: the CAST WALL - I LOVE seeing my picture on one of these!!!! :)

Well, it’s been a week now and I can really get used to this! Why, oh why, do I have to go back to being unemployed after this?? Hopefully not for too long! :)
Vancouver is really nice! It’s been raining and cold the entire time I’ve been here, with the exception of yesterday – which was beautiful. And it’s so exciting to be working with such great and positive people. Every night, after we wrap for the day, the director and writer come around and give us all hugs while telling us what a great job we did! It’s been great!!
Ok, let me back up a bit and give you a play by play…
I was flown in last Sunday and went through a 2 hour hell at immigration when I arrived, since I didn’t have my passport yet. But I expected that so no biggie. I went straight to the production office where they told me that my fitting will be first thing the next morning, so I was taken to my hotel. The hotel is really nice, by the way. It’s the place where all the actors on location stay because the concierge is so great at meeting “all our needs”. I guess they’re used to us always picking up the phone for any little thing!
Day one on set was so awesome! It’s a different feeling when shooting a pilot than it is when shooting a show that’s already on the air. When I’m part of the guest cast on an existing show, I’m coming into their world. I’m a new visitor to THEIR set. But a pilot makes you feel part of the family because it’s the first time that this cast and crew are working together. Too bad I won’t be able to show up everyday for work after its picked up! :( Unless of course they decide to change me into a series regular and I live next door! :)
As soon as I arrived on set my 1st day of shooting, I’m greeted by Russell, the hair guy, and he says that he just got out of a meeting with the director and producers and they were discussing my hair. They would really like it if I let them cut some of it because they really want my character to seem more upscale and put together. I guess my long hair seemed too casual for what they wanted. I struggled with this decision because A. I like long hair on myself and B. I just took new headshots a couple of months ago and I really want to look like them! But then I had to ask myself – WHY do I want to look like my headshots…..well, to book work during pilot season – like THIS pilot I just booked. Soooo, if they wanted to cut my hair, I should comply. I definitely didn’t want to sound like the “complicated actress”. So they proceeded to cut my hair. All of it. 5 inches of it! It’s officially short, but I like it! It’s cute and definitely healthier looking. Hmmm….. I might just keep it this short! :)
I got to hang out and bond with my husband, who was played by Mauricio Mendoza, who played the older brother on the series Resurrection Blvd. I also hung out with Lorena Segura who played my husband's mistress. We were the three “Latinos” on set so we spent a lot of time figuring out which friends we had in common back in LA! Another Latina on set was Lucia, who happened to be the VP of Series Development executive for Lifetime. She was so very sweet! She was from Guatemala and wanted to talk and bond with us too! The director, Randy Zisk, was very sweet and generous. At one point he even said, “I know one show the three of you will all be on this year….Monk.” Apparently he is one of the executive producers and steady directors on the show. And believe me, I will make sure he is reminded of that comment as time goes by! Hahaha
I had a lot of downtime this week since I only worked 3 days, so I tried to see as much of Vancouver as I could. I did a lot fo shopping with the per diem they gave us! :) And luckily Saturday was a beautiful day to walk Stanley Park. I think we covered ¼ of the park in a three hour hike! It’s huge! I’m still off the next couple of days, so I plan to see a bit more of the city! I work Wednesday and the I fly back Thursday morning.
My manager had called me the first couple of days in town to tell me GREAT news! What About Brian called and they had me written in this next episode. We had worked it out that I would catch the earliest flight on Thursday the 15th, and I would be able to go straight to the set that day and work. I was so excited with the idea of flying in from one job and going straight to another. But then I got the news that they changed their schedule and wanted me to shoot my scene on Tuesday the 13th instead. And since I will still be here in Canada, it didn’t work out. :( Damn! Oh well…next episode.
The highlight of my work on the set came from a compliment I received from the camera guy. He stopped me one night at craft services and said he had to tell me what a great job I did in that dramatic scene with my husband where he begs for my forgiveness and I take him back. He said just watching my eyes well up with tears and trying to hold them back almost made HIM cry! It felt so good to hear that, especially since I wasn’t sure how my dramatic scenes were looking. My last day of work last week was my most dranmatic and difficult day. It’s the scene where the mistress tells me that she’s in love with my husband. I wasn’t sure if I was nailing it like I wanted to. I felt like I could’ve done better – but I couldn’t reach it for some reason. But the director and writer told me they were very happy with their coverage. And the other actors told me that is they weren’t happy, we would’ve done it over and over again until they got what they needed. I guess I’m just too hard on myself.
All in all this has been a HUGE learning experience for me. Just spending time around people who are in a place where I want to be (series regulars) was a positive experience. I got to hear from Jill Latiano, the new star of the pilot, what it was like to get that call that she booked this. Her first starring series regular role! It’s pretty exciting for her! I also had the chance to talk with Chelah Horsdal, who plays her sister, and who happens to be a veteran series regular and we talked about the world of negotiating contracts over dinner one night. I learned a lot about what this process is like. I can’t wait until I’m in that position!
By the way, I finally saw The Secret! Very interesting movie. And yes, I can see how it changes lives! I’m excited to put it into practice all that I’ve learned from that film and watch the positive changes happen in my life!


Blogger Stephon Fuller said...

Congratulations and welcome back! Thanks for sharing!


3:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm loving the hair. Sounds like you had a deeply fulfilling trip. Welcome back!

11:53 PM  
Blogger kat said...

Wow... I just found your blog today and I LOVE IT! It's so exciting to read all your happenings and experiences!

5:55 PM  

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