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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Summer Update from Texas

Wow, I can't believe I have been in Texas over 3 weeks already! Ok, ONE day over three weeks...but still!
Last week I had a meeting with these filmmakers who want to make a low-budget horror film here in South Texas. They were very nice. They treated me like I was the "celebrity name" that they wanted to attach to their film! haha I have never been on that end of the deal. I'm usually the one that lost out on a great role because some "celebrity name" was cast instead! But I agreed to meet with the director and associate producer over dinner and talk about the film. I hadn't read the script yet, but they told me the role I was being offered was the mother of the lead guy. ok, so does that mean this is a "kids" horror film????? The star guy is 26 years old! Do I look old enough to play the MOTHER to a 26 year old????? I hope not. They were hoping that make up would age me and I could still play it. But the make up artist they have is not experienced in "special effects" makeup, so I'm not sure how perfect I am for this. In fact, the whole cast and crew is inexperienced...the director would be basically be "training" everyone, and this is his first feature film. I decided to decline the role, mainly because I figured someone else would be more right for it than myself. And that's because I've always wanted to be killed in a horror film! oh well.... :(
I had a last minute audition for an industrial/commercial in Austin yesterday. I found out Monday afternoon, packed a few things, printed up my Austin agent's resume and headed out in the rain. The audition was yesterday morning and seemed like a waste of time. The CD, who has cast me before, and pretty recently actually, rubbed me the wrong way at this audition. Let's just leave it at that. Callbacks would be this Friday or Saturday, but I doubt very seriously I will be driving back for them. We'll see....
I may spend the month of July living and maybe temping in Austin. Not much to go back to LA for right now. Except my cat of course (who is being taken care of by a friend)
Business is pretty slow right now - not a lot of auditions. And school is out for the summer except for year round which are only a few jobs. So I may just hang out here some more until something happens. I miss Austin, so I'm looking forward to the time I spend there. I don't look forward to spending more money - unless of course, I'm making some in the process.
All this free vacation time I have, I should be working out..... yeah... I SHOULD be...

Monday, June 18, 2007

Rerun Time!

Wednesday June 20th @ 1:30am on Lifetime, you can catch a rerun of my episode "Virgin Birth" on the show Strong Medicine.
I'll try and be better with my notices of what shows are rerunning. I'm really bad at keeping up with that! ;)

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Monday, June 11, 2007

STILL Working while on Vacation!

Me in the middle of friends from high school at my reunion this past Saturday
I have been on "vacation" for about a week already. Well, really longer than that when you count the Mexico trip - but I'm just counting my time here in Texas. I got to spend time with my neice and godson in Dallas last week, and I went to my high school reunion on Saturday. Man, I feel old! haha It's been a good time though! :)
I got a call from my Houston agent regarding an audition for a Kevin Costner movie. I have to send them my audition via mail or email by noon on Wednesday! This is supposed to be my much needed "break", and now I'm stressing about this audition since I don't have a video camera except for my cell phone! Ugh!
I even got approached by some local filmmakers to do a horror flick here this summer. Sounds interesting. I'll probably meet up with the director this weekend to discuss. They are having the meeting covered by the local newspaper. Crazy huh? They are making me feel like a "celebrity" here! haha
I can get used to this! :)

Monday, June 04, 2007

My Mexican Birthday Celebration

1st pic: Me, with the beautiful pacific coast behind me, 2nd: The view from our hotel patio, 3rd: The girls who joined me for my birthday weekend
I had a great time this weekend! Me and a few girlfriends took a trip to Puerto Nuevo for some lobster and relaxation. We started off at the spa with massages and facials, and ended up in the pool and hot tub - and tons of shopping in between! What a perfect way to grow a year older! And wiser...and better.... ;)