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Monday, June 11, 2007

STILL Working while on Vacation!

Me in the middle of friends from high school at my reunion this past Saturday
I have been on "vacation" for about a week already. Well, really longer than that when you count the Mexico trip - but I'm just counting my time here in Texas. I got to spend time with my neice and godson in Dallas last week, and I went to my high school reunion on Saturday. Man, I feel old! haha It's been a good time though! :)
I got a call from my Houston agent regarding an audition for a Kevin Costner movie. I have to send them my audition via mail or email by noon on Wednesday! This is supposed to be my much needed "break", and now I'm stressing about this audition since I don't have a video camera except for my cell phone! Ugh!
I even got approached by some local filmmakers to do a horror flick here this summer. Sounds interesting. I'll probably meet up with the director this weekend to discuss. They are having the meeting covered by the local newspaper. Crazy huh? They are making me feel like a "celebrity" here! haha
I can get used to this! :)


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