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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pregnant...on TV

So today was a busy day.
I started off (running late) to my wardrobe fitting for Better Off Ted. I tried on a very pregnant belly, and many maternity dresses. It actually looked really cute on me, if I must say so myself! hehe I start shooting Thursday and I believe my labor scene is on the first day! Fun!
Then I headed over to Nickelodeon to audition for the pilot Victorious. I had auditioned for this same role back in February, but I guess they had put it on hold, and now its back on. I thought I did pretty well. I wasn't grinning to myself ear to ear when I left, but it was good. Then I headed over to AFTRA where I had to join in order to work this week. It sucks because I had to plop down $1363 as the initiation fee. Actually, the initiation fee was $1300, the $63 was supposed to be the first 6 months dues, but since they don't prorate it, I had to pay it now, and again in November for the next 6 months. Makes no sense to me. What also doesn't make sense is the fact we have TWO actors unions!!! I don't get that! Why must I pay TWO initiation fees, and TWO dues fees every year in order to work? We need to merge these two unions so we're working together and become ONE big strong union. Makes no sense... Ok, enough of that...
I'm off to do the kids workouts at Actorsite, then read with them for their workshop with the casting director.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Ok, I finally heard today that I officially booked Better Off Ted! They had me on "hold" all week while they ironed out dates and storyboard. But I got word just now that I work two days next week, and I'm SOOOO excited! YAY!!! I booked two jobs in one month! Thank God! I needed that!! I haven't booked two jobs in one month since my first year! haha Maybe this will start that "ball" rolling!
I play Sarah, the very pregnant wife to Ryan, Ted's co-worker. My water breaks during one scene....Nice! haha

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Breaking Bad Audition

Ok, this is one I really want - mainly because it shoots in my birthplace of Albuquerque New Mexico! :)
I got the audition last night around 6pm. Saw that there was an attachment on my email from my agent, but I couldn't open it. I tried calling my manager to see if she could send me the sides for the audition, the office was closed and phones were on service. So, I didn't get my sides for the audition until 10:15am! Two hours before I had my appointment!! Luckily it was pretty easy to work on. I was definately too young for the role (the mom of a 20 something year old! - what??) But I was very happy with the work I did in the room. The Casting Director even referred to my audition as "beautiful"! Awww... :) Well, if not this role, then maybe the next???

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Microsoft Audition

I rarely go out commercially, but today I went on the most "commercial" audition ever! It was for Microsoft, and I played a mom cooking dinner with her family. I had a husband and three kids all helping me in the kitchen while I talked about the great appliances. No, I don't know what that had to do with Microsoft. Hmm...Maybe I went to the wrong audition?? haha
It went well, I felt good.
Afterwards I coached a friend for 4 hours for his principal role audition for Days of Our Lives. Hopefully he books it and gives me a percentage! ;)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Howard's Class

So yesterday marked the official last day of my Comprehensive Technique class with Howard Fine. I'm really bummed that I'm not continuing on with the rest of the class in the Rehearsal and Performance class that directly follows. I plan to take that class in a month or so.
But let me just say I had an AWESOME last class yesterday!
Our assignment was to recreate an actual phone call we had this past week. Our job was to be in our circumstances at the time and day of the actual call, have a clear objective, and be fully alive in the scene. (No blank stares) I recreated a phone call I had with a close friend this week about a recent reconnection with a high school crush. The entire phone call was a jolt of excitement and disbelief mixed in with the 17 year old that was crushing on the guy again! It was so much fun, and I had so much energy during the scene! I really felt like I recreated it pretty accurately. So the awesome part comes when Howard Fine walks onto the stage to give me my critique - and he's got nuthin! haha He tells me he was really happy with my scene that he has no criticism for me! Wow. I hit everything right? Again...Wow.
See, this is HUGE for me, mainly because the reason I put myself back into class was to relearn, or remind myself, of the tools and practices I forgot along the way. And also, to regain some of my confidence in my own ability. There was a time, actually...MANY times, when I've thought about quitting and doing something else. I stopped feeling like I was good - or like I was enjoying my work. And I've always said I would stop doing this when its no longer fun for me. And it hadn't been....for a long time....until this summer. It started back again with the film in Iowa, and continued with working with Howard. :)
So afterwards, Howard calls me over to tell me I should get a work/study application where I could either stage manage a class or work in the main office to be able to take a class at a discounted price. He said he didn't want to lose me!! Awww.... :) hehe That would actually help me out a lot, so I did just that! Filled it out and turned it in on the spot!
I have to say that it feels pretty good to have someone believe in me the way he does, and expecially at the level he's at! That's exciting!! I really do love working with him and I feel at home at the studio, so I wasn't planning on going anywhere!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

On Hold

Today was my callback for Better Off Ted. I was not nervous until I saw a bunch of girls there for the callback who weren't there for the pre-read. or at least, not there when I was there. I even met one girl who was actually 7 months pregnant and with my agent! But I went into the producer-filled room and was ready to ROCK IT! I did each scene and got nice polite laughs at the end of them all, then I assume it was the director, who had me do the first scene again. I did, more laughs, and then I was done. I walked out of there feeling pretty good about it - but ready to let it go because you never know.
Then I get a call from my manager a couple of hours later letting me know I'm the "Top Choice" and they're waiting to hear back from network about storyboards and dates. So I ask, "Top choice? - So is there someone else they're considering as well?" and she answered no. The role is mine as long as it stays in the script and they lock down shoot dates. They have to do all of that before I get an official offer. So as of now, it's not an official booking - but close! I guess its as if I'm on "hold" or "Watch and Advise". Hmm....
Still GREAT news nonetheless! :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

So Far So Good

I started back teaching the kids classes at Actorsite last week. Right now, I'm just subbing for the other teachers when they have auditions or shoots, but hopefully I'll be teaching more regularly, or audition coaching. I had a long, but awesome day last Thursday with the kids! I was amazed at the talent! So much fun! :)
I had an audition for Better Off Ted on Friday of last week. I've seen a few episodes and I really like the show, so it was exciting to go in to read for it! I auditioned for the role of Sarah, who is the pregnant wife to Ted's coworker, Ryan. It was a funny little part! :) I did notice a fellow auditioner who showed up with a fake pregnant belly for the role. I've never been a fan of doing things like that. I get asked that question a lot - usually "should I wear scrubs to my nurse audition?" I always say, wear something that suggests the character without going in wearing a costume. And do well with the acting part, and there's no reason for the gimmicks. That's just my opinion.
I did get a callback so I'll be going in for the director and producers this coming Wednesday. :) YAY!!!!
I'm teaching a couple of kids classes again tomorrow. And I have the last week of the first part of my Howard Fine classes. The second part starts next week, and hopefully I'm able to continue. Since work is scarce, money is tight. Ugh.
It will all work out. :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Working Southland!

with Amaury Nolasco and Regina King

So, yesterday, on 09/09/09, I got to work on the set of Southland! YAY!!! First of all, I'm really into this show, so I was excited to hear I had an audition for it - much less booked it! And I am a huge fan of Regina King! I grew up watching her on everything - from 227, to Boyz in the Hood, Friday, Jerry Maguire....that girl works so much! Well, it was nice to see she was very nice in person! And an added treat???? I got to work with Amaury Nolasco - from PRISON BREAK! I was so excited because as we all know, I am a HUGE fan of that show! Or was, rather. (it has already ended) :( I saw him while I worked on Prison Break, but we didn't work together - until now. And he is such a sweetheart! Not to mention - so very cute in person! ;) Another hottie I met on this set was Kevin Alejandro - who used to be on Ugly Betty. He looks very different on this show - but gorgeous nonetheless! Damn - if I could be a regular on THIS show! I would get to work early every single day! haha
We shot the bank scene, where I play the bank manager, in an actual bank in Glendale, with the actual employees standing in as extras! How cool!
Aside from the fact that they put me in the most hideous and unflattering boxy suit, I had an AWESOME time working on this show! It was a quick day. 2pm call, wrapped by 7. And of course, I am back to being unemployed! ugh! I love when I get work - I hate when it ends! I always have this bit of jealousy for the series regulars - they get to come back the next day!

But I did have a really great audition for a guest star role (as a DOCTOR) on Criminal Minds right before I went to the Southland set - so maybe I can book that and I won't be unemployed for long!

Actually, technically, I am starting work today. I'm back teaching the kids classes at Actorsite. I used to do that a while back (3-4 years ago?) and I stopped because I got too busy with subbing....but since that is over - it frees me up. So thankfully Jack wants to bring me on! Not sure how often I'll be teaching - or what classes exactly, but it gives me something to do! YAY!!!!