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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Breaking Bad Audition

Ok, this is one I really want - mainly because it shoots in my birthplace of Albuquerque New Mexico! :)
I got the audition last night around 6pm. Saw that there was an attachment on my email from my agent, but I couldn't open it. I tried calling my manager to see if she could send me the sides for the audition, the office was closed and phones were on service. So, I didn't get my sides for the audition until 10:15am! Two hours before I had my appointment!! Luckily it was pretty easy to work on. I was definately too young for the role (the mom of a 20 something year old! - what??) But I was very happy with the work I did in the room. The Casting Director even referred to my audition as "beautiful"! Awww... :) Well, if not this role, then maybe the next???


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