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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Ok, The Details are Finalized!

So it looks like I will fly out of Burbank on Tuesday. They will send a car to pick me up :-) at around 10:30am and I should arrive in Salt Lake City Utah by 3pm. I'm supposed to get fitted for wardrobe - then go back to my hotel to "relax". I shoot all day Wednesday, stay another night in the hotel and fly back first thing Thursday morning. I should be back in Burbank by 12pm. So all in all - I will be gone for a good part of 3 days! I do have to miss a performance for my play :-( but I know this will be a great experience. I plan to take lots of pictures and post them for everyone. My script was delivered yesterday and I'm just waiting on my itinerary. Should be fun!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Still Finalizing Details....

So I didn't get the contract that I hoped to get. In fact, no where near what I thought I'd get for this job, but like I said is work. My manager called me after some confusion with my agents and ended up calling the casting director herself to find out what the deal was. I'm getting paid for only one day of work when I'll be gone out of LA at least for 2. They are paying me a transportation fee which basically is just per diem. So it's like I'm working here in LA for one day except I have to fly to the set instead of drive. And they will put me up in a hotel in Utah one of those nights. I don't have the exact dates that I will be gone. Not yet. I should get that today. Ideally, I would love to fly out Wednesday morning since I have my play Tuesday night. I was hoping to fly out Wednesday morning, go through wardrobe, work on the set all day and get to the hotel that night - then fly out first thing Thursday. That would be perfect. But they were talking about flying me Tuesday afternoon, work Wednesday, and maybe fly back Wednesday night or Thursday afternoon. I'd just hate to be gone for 3 days and only get paid for one. Just doesn't make sense to me. They said this is how the WB does it. Apparently the WB does not have the kind of money to pay their guest stars like a network like NBC would. Now I know.... It's always best not to expect things!
I'm very happy with how my manager handled this. She really went in there and fought for me and straightened out the mess. I have to remember that whenever I question where my 15% goes! :-D It's not the contract that I would've hoped for - but at least there is no confusion and everyone is happy and not hating each other. That's always a good thing. I should find out final details by today.
I have an audition for a print job today which means I just have to show up and they take a poloroid of me. Not bad, it pays $1500 for my picture if I get the part. The only thing's for a medication that treats Hepatitis C. SO....I would assume everyone I know will KNOW that this is a JOB if I get it and I DO NOT have Hepatitis C, RIGHT???!!! hahaha

Thursday, October 27, 2005

details details...

So today my manager at Central Artists calls to ask me if I'd like to fly out of Burbank or LAX. I say Burbank, because it's very close to me. Then she tells me, "Well, you know, they might fly you Southwest, and Southwest doesn't have a First Class". That's ok. I was really excited about the possibility of flying first class - but if I don't get to do it on this project, then maybe in the near future sometime. :-) Then she says that I may or may not get a driver to the airport. If I don't - then I will get reimbursed for parking while I'm gone. That's fine too. I can't pout about that! I booked a guest star role on Everwood which shoots in UTAH!!!!!! Work is work is work! So I'm happy regardless! I should get the details by tomorrow! I'm excited! VERY Excited!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Finally - I get the call - close to 5pm today. My manager calls to tell me that my agent just contacted her and "congratulations!" Apparently I'm officially booked for Everwood! I'll get all the details on Friday, like my pay, flight info, hotel, etc... I'm really excited. Sadly enough, I'm more excited because I've never flown first class! :-) And I'm slightly nervous because I know they are spending a lot of money to bring me over to do this role - so I want to make sure they feel like they made the right decision. Hopefully I can kick ass on the set. They said that it should shoot next Thursday, November 3rd. If that is so, then maybe I'll fly out Wednesday and it won't affect my show on Tuesday night. I got a call from my director from the play today saying if I can't be there for the show on Tuesday they may have to cancel it for that week. She said she discussed it with the producer and they didn't know how to rearrange the show without me, so they would have to just cancel it for that week. I hope this gig in Utah doesn't interfere with the play because that's the last thing I want to do - make the show shut down for a week.
I saw a screening of the Hallmark movie The Reading Room with James Earl Jones tonight. It was a good movie. Very inspirational about the human spirit. They talked about it being available to show in classrooms. I think that's a good idea. It was nice to see such a diverse cast. I would've liked to see the Latinos in the film in roles other than gang bangers and hoodlums. But they did have one of the main Latino actors "change" for the better - so that was positive.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Waiting Game

ok, So I auditioned for Everwood yesterday and last night my new agent called me trying to get a hold of my manager for my last quote (the amount of money I got paid on my last job). I haven't got offered the part yet - I guess they were trying to figure out money first. My manager was no where to be found after 6pm, and I told him what my day rate was for a co-star role. But this role on Everwood is a guest star role. (Co-star roles are usually a few lines, in one scene - maybe two. A guest star role is usually larger and definately gets paid more than a co-star).
So we played phone tag all day between my agent and my manager and myself. Then, my manager calls me and says that my agent just got off the phone with the casting office and they are still trying to figure out if they want to hire someone from LA or someone from Utah. Apparently this show shoots in Utah and if they go with an LA actor - I am their first choice. YAY!!!!! But they are also thinking about maybe hiring someone in Utah instead. That would save them money if they did considering they'd have to fly me out, put me up in a hotel, and pay me for 3 days of work, when the role really only works one. In my mind it makes more sense to hire a local hire from Utah since they would save money. (That's my frugal mind thinking). My manager is confident they will go with me. Especially since it's for a guest star role - not a co-star. I should find out by the end of the day today. I really hope I get the job - mainly because travelling to Utah first class sounds cool - but I need this booking for my new agent!
To quote A Chorus Line, "God, I hope I get. I hope I get it."

Monday, October 24, 2005

Curb Your Enthusiasm

I had a GREAT time working with Larry David and everyone else on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Everyone was so nice and funny! Check out the episode on dvd if you missed it. Or HBO On Demand.

The Terminal

I had a great time working on the set of The Terminal.

Monday October 24 - My First Blog Ever!!!!

Ok, So I have heard what a blog is, I have even read a couple, but this is MY first blog entry! I am currently working on my website - which is taking very long to create. So I decided to create my own way to keep "my fans" (aka family and friends) in the loop of what's happening in my life here in Hollywood.

Just a quick update up until today....I've lived here in Los Angeles for about 4 1/2 years. Things were off to a slow and scary start. I had NO CLUE where to begin this journey. I moved from Austin, Texas - where I did independent feature films, theater, commercials, anything and everything I could to perform. It was great. I LOVE Austin and would go back any day to live. Too bad I can't book my own sitcom in Austin - which is why I currently reside in Los Angeles. But I love LA too - don't get me wrong!
When I got here, I had my first audition for Resurrection Blvd my first month in town. I went to producers for it - but I didn't get it. I did find my agent who I was with for 4 years because of that audition. I did extra work for about a year and a half. It was absolute torture. I didn't mind doing it at first because I got to spend my days on a set. It was torture because it killed me to take up the space behind another actor who was doing what I wanted to do. What I was supposed to be doing. And it was also torture because being a non-union extra is not the best treated job in this city. It's the bottom of the barrel to these people out here. After I worked as an extra on a new tv show starring Richard Dreyfuss, I decided to stop doing this extra work. He came and sat down to talk to all of us extras and said that if we REALLY wanted to ACT - we needed to stop doing extra work. After that conversation, I stopped working as an extra. A couple of months later, I booked my first speaking role, which was on Strong Medicine. I really felt like things had come full circle when I booked that job because I have worked as an extra on that show plenty of times. And there I was, sitting in my private dressing room, ready to have a speaking part with extras all around me. It was a very surreal and satisfying moment.

Since that booking, I have worked pretty steadily and have been blessed tro work on some great shows. I have been on CSI, The Practice, The Shield to name a few. I have turned that role on Strong Medicine into a recurring one, having done 3 episodes as the same character. Most recently I played Larry David's housekeeper in Curb Your Enthusiasm which aired a couple of weeks ago. I have been fortunate enough to work with Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg on The Terminal. Currently I am in a play called Conversations 'Bout The Girls, which is very much like The Vagina Monologues, but about breasts. I try to do as many plays as I can, usually about one a year, except for this year. I performed in Real Women Have Curves earlier this year in Santa Barbara, and now this play.
And so this brings us to today. Today I went straight to producers for Everwood. This casting director has cast me before, and lately has been calling me in for a lot of different shows. I really do hope I book something soon since I just signed with a new agent and don't want them to lose faith in me.
I also have an audition for a Wells Fargo print job today at 2:40pm. This has been nice today, running around to different auditions all day. It's not like this usually. It varies, but it's a good week if I have 2-3 auditions. I normally audition for tv and film more than commercials. I definately have to get some new color headshots soon.
So, check back on this blog to find out more about what it's like to be a struggling actress in Hollywood, in an industry where Latinas are often seen as the maid (see my CSI and Curb episodes). I plan to make some changes in this industry, and in turn, my career.