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Thursday, October 27, 2005

details details...

So today my manager at Central Artists calls to ask me if I'd like to fly out of Burbank or LAX. I say Burbank, because it's very close to me. Then she tells me, "Well, you know, they might fly you Southwest, and Southwest doesn't have a First Class". That's ok. I was really excited about the possibility of flying first class - but if I don't get to do it on this project, then maybe in the near future sometime. :-) Then she says that I may or may not get a driver to the airport. If I don't - then I will get reimbursed for parking while I'm gone. That's fine too. I can't pout about that! I booked a guest star role on Everwood which shoots in UTAH!!!!!! Work is work is work! So I'm happy regardless! I should get the details by tomorrow! I'm excited! VERY Excited!


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