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Friday, October 28, 2005

Still Finalizing Details....

So I didn't get the contract that I hoped to get. In fact, no where near what I thought I'd get for this job, but like I said is work. My manager called me after some confusion with my agents and ended up calling the casting director herself to find out what the deal was. I'm getting paid for only one day of work when I'll be gone out of LA at least for 2. They are paying me a transportation fee which basically is just per diem. So it's like I'm working here in LA for one day except I have to fly to the set instead of drive. And they will put me up in a hotel in Utah one of those nights. I don't have the exact dates that I will be gone. Not yet. I should get that today. Ideally, I would love to fly out Wednesday morning since I have my play Tuesday night. I was hoping to fly out Wednesday morning, go through wardrobe, work on the set all day and get to the hotel that night - then fly out first thing Thursday. That would be perfect. But they were talking about flying me Tuesday afternoon, work Wednesday, and maybe fly back Wednesday night or Thursday afternoon. I'd just hate to be gone for 3 days and only get paid for one. Just doesn't make sense to me. They said this is how the WB does it. Apparently the WB does not have the kind of money to pay their guest stars like a network like NBC would. Now I know.... It's always best not to expect things!
I'm very happy with how my manager handled this. She really went in there and fought for me and straightened out the mess. I have to remember that whenever I question where my 15% goes! :-D It's not the contract that I would've hoped for - but at least there is no confusion and everyone is happy and not hating each other. That's always a good thing. I should find out final details by today.
I have an audition for a print job today which means I just have to show up and they take a poloroid of me. Not bad, it pays $1500 for my picture if I get the part. The only thing's for a medication that treats Hepatitis C. SO....I would assume everyone I know will KNOW that this is a JOB if I get it and I DO NOT have Hepatitis C, RIGHT???!!! hahaha


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