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Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Like When Its Busy :)

Jada Pinkett Smith, star of Hawthorne.

It's been kind of busy lately for me, which is good. The bad part of that is juggling my schedule and trying to find a way to go to my auditions while I'm still subbing! I have one more week left in this class and the committment is over! :) But they gave been a really great class - the best actually - so I can't complain...
So I had an audition yesterday for The Closer, playing a neighbor in a neighborhood meeting. It was a one line role and I was thinking of ways to cancel. I didn't, and I showed up on time for the audition, and I saw Carla Jimenez there. She is the woman I was up against for the pilot last fall. You know, the one who got my role in the Wilmer Valderamma pilot for FOX? Yeah - her. She's very sweet and we communicate from time to time on myspace/facebook/email/etc. Well, it was surprising to see her there, but it did solidify my decision to start auditioning again for co-star roles. Times are still hard and acting jobs are few and far between right now - actors just have to work - so we have to get out there and try and land whatever we can - no matter how big or small. My audition went well. Short and sweet. And I was out.
Today I had another audition for the new Jada Pinkett Smith show called Hawthorne. I went in for two different nurse roles. They went well, and the casting director is someone I know from workshops and facebook. In fact, she made a comment about how funny my updates are! That was nice! :) I saw a lot of familiar faces auditioning. There were lots of different types of nurses there, male and female, so who knows what they end up going with!
This weekend I plan to check out LYDIA at the Mark Taper Theater - I hear its great! I can't wait! :)
I also have an audition in a few weeks for a play in Long Beach. I know it's kind of a far commute to do a show - but that's how bad I need to do some kind of theater. Actually, I have this need to do really GREAT theater, so hopefully this is it! The play is called In Arabia We'd All Be Kings. I'm going to start reading it this week.
Still planning on spending some time this summer in NYC. maybe June or July. Not sure yet, but my manager is now keeping an eye out for submissions out there. I think she's going to start submitting me for plays for the summer- that would be awesome! :)
A cool little side note - I just received a very cool sweatshirt from the MORNING production office today! Nice souvenir from the film! :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Still Trying to Work - But Aren't We All? :)

Friday I had my audition for the feature film WWJD. I saw Jack Deveraux from Days of Our Lives, Matthew Ashford, auditioning as well. Can you believe I kept it together and didn't approach him? haha If you knew what a DAYS fan I was for many years, you would be very surprised!
I felt like my audition went well. I was auditioning for a maid named Maria, with an accent, so how bad could I have done, really? Afterwards, I headed to Santa Ana to see a friend perform in the play When Nature Calls with the Breath of Fire Latina Theater Company. It was a series of monologues written by Josefina Lopez.
Afterwards I spent the night with my friend Shayla in Long Beach. I really like heading down there because its so pretty! I really want to live closer to the beach! So we went condo hunting and found some really great deals! I just don't know if Long Beach would be too long of a commute when I have auditions.
Sunday I had my audition for the play Anna in the Tropics at the Frida Khalo Theater. I really wish my Spanish was better, because the show is in English and Spanish! :( That has always been on my to-do list - get fluent in Spanish, but somehow I haven't been able to complete that task! Maybe I just need to go to Spain for 6 months and immerse myself in the language! ;)
I have an audition on Wednesday of this week for The Closer, playing my first lesbian character (I think). I need to book something, but I know we're coming up on the slow summer season... And so far my booking ratio has been less than stellar lately.
Still thinking of NYC, maybe for a few weeks this summer....we'll see....

Friday, April 24, 2009

Busy Weekend

Last night I attended the Cricket Feet Showcase at The Colony Theater in Burbank held by Bonnie Gillespie. There were lots of people there! It was packed! We had a good night of 24 scenes, drinks, food, red carpet, and mingling. It was a fun night! :)
Today I have an audition for an independent film called WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) and tonight I am heading to Santa Ana to see my friend in her play When Nature Calls.
I also have a play audition on Sunday for Anna in the Tropics at the Frida Khalo Theater.
Trying to stay as busy as I can!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Another Audit

Last night I audited another acting coach. I was invited through email to check out Lynette McNeill's class that she has on Monday and Thursday nights. I have audited a few coaches in my quest to find a new home to study with. I've seen Ivanna Chubbuck, Howard Fine, John Kirby, and I've taken a comedy intensive with Scott Sedita, and I have Larry Moss on the list. So far, I'm pretty set on Howard Fine. But since I can't enroll until August (when the new cycle of classes begin), I decided to see what else was out there to consider, just in case I find someone even more suitable for me.
Lynette's class was small, 16 students. And she had only one class, unlike the different levels that other schools offered: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, and Master Class, which I prefer.
Her class began with an hour of improv, then onto prepared scenes.
The students seemed to have fun and Lynette really seemed involved in their progression.
I just didn't feel like this format and environment was for me.
At this point in my career I want and need to feel challenged. I want to feel like I'm in a class where I'm not the best one, but the worst one so I can really learn from my classmates and strive to be better. I want to work with actors whose careers are taking off to motivate me to work harder. To pull out the best in me. That's the goal.
So yeah, I'm pretty set on joining with Howard. :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Last Minute Audition!

I just got a call for a last minute audition for a commercial in Santa Monica, right after work! I have to zoom right over and hopefully make it in time. I'm pretty excited because it's a strong comedic role, so hopefully I can step up to the plate! :)

The wedding I stood in this weekend was beautiful! And so much fun :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Starting to Get Busier

Well, I had another audition today!
Today I went in for a feature film called Fred & Vinnie. Two auditions in one week! WhoooHooo!!! I saw a lot of familiar faces. Luckily I was able to run in and out to make it back to work on time.
The audition went well, and the casting director, Brad Gilmore, was very sweet.
Still trying to figure out a way to take Howard Fine's class any earlier than August - don't think there is one. :( I'm auditing a class on Monday, so we'll see how that goes.
Also, I was asked to make an appearance at a red carpet arrival for an actor's showcase next week. Me? I don't know why, but since a good friend asked so nicely, I plan to be there.... :) I'm very flattered though.
I am in a wedding this weekend so I will be very busy starting tonight with the wedding festivities! :)
Busy busy busy

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

An Audition Today!

YAY! So happy just to have an audition today!
That could lead to a possible BOOKING, which equals WORK, which means something for me to DO! So happy! Even though it is "only a co-star" role, it's actually a decent role.
I'm auditioning for The Bill Engvall Show on TBS. Should be fun... :)

Monday, April 13, 2009


Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! I didn't get to spend easter with my family this year - I rarely do now that I've been living here in LA for the past 8 years! I spent it with a friend of mine in Bakersfield California. Had a great time and even help fly her dad's Cessna airplane for about 2 seconds while I screamed the entire time! haha
Sorry I didn't know ahead of time, but last night my episode of Desperate Housewives reaired on ABC. But I did check to see if anything else is coming up and I saw that The Holiday is reairing this weekend on TBS - so check your local listings! :)
Kind of slow right now. Waiting for something to bite - a play, a commercial, a movie, anything! Just want to work!
I keep getting these invites to audit these acting classes, so I plan to do that sometime next week. And of course, gotta start keeping busy with workshops or something...

Monday, April 06, 2009

Audition Today!

YAY! Just got the call that I have a last minute audition today for a guest star role on the new Amy Poehler series on NBC: Parks and Recreation. I'm subbing today and the role calls for business-like and professional. So here I am, rushing home during lunch to change into my suit, then rushing back! Then, the bell rings today at 2:30pm and I have to make it into Hollywood by 3pm! Yikes! Very hectic!
But I'm so excited that it's a nice guest star role and it would start work tomorrow! :)

Adjusting to These Economic Times

This economic crisis has affected both my jobs.
First off, LAUSD handed out 6,000 pink slips to permanent and non permanent teachers, which means that lots of them will be out of a job next school year if they don't get placed somewhere else (Thanks Gov. Arnold!). Which means many would probably go into the subbing cycle, which means I could get called for work much less. Great.
Then, the entertainment industry is feeling it also. Aside from the fact that SAG still hasn't finalized a new thearical contract for us, studios are making less and less films right now. Which means that big stars who normally do films are doing television just to get work. Which trickles down to me, because they are taking those guest star spots on shows that I need to work on. So I've been doing some thinking, and I figured this is not the time to stand my ground on the whole "guest star/series regular only" jobs. I really can't even say "no more maid roles" or no more anything.... I kind of have to take what I can just to keep working.
So I emailed my representation this weekend and told them that I am willing to do any part, big or small, on any project (union of course) just to keep working. Times are tough. And hopefully when things get better, we can pick up where my career has been headed and go forward in that direction.
Time to swallow pride and do even those roles I felt that I had "moved past".
Well, what can you do....? Gotta stay busy any way you can, right? :)

Thursday, April 02, 2009

I'm Baaaaack!

Well, I was gone for almost two weeks to Dallas, which means I had to turn down a couple of audition opportunities (The Closer and a commercial). :( But, I was gone for a great reason, I was witnessing the birth of my neice's baby girl: Ava Rose! Wow, let me just say I commend you mothers out there! I dont know how you did it and survived that whole ordeal of giving birth! It was crazy! Just like the movie Alien! haha
Well, I was anxious to get back home and get back to work! I had planned to sign up and begin to take Howard Fine's acting class next week for the next 3 months but they had cancelled the one I now I have to wait until August!! I'm so bummed about that!
I did see my small clip on Dollhouse. I looked puffy. Hitting the gym today. :)