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Monday, April 13, 2009


Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! I didn't get to spend easter with my family this year - I rarely do now that I've been living here in LA for the past 8 years! I spent it with a friend of mine in Bakersfield California. Had a great time and even help fly her dad's Cessna airplane for about 2 seconds while I screamed the entire time! haha
Sorry I didn't know ahead of time, but last night my episode of Desperate Housewives reaired on ABC. But I did check to see if anything else is coming up and I saw that The Holiday is reairing this weekend on TBS - so check your local listings! :)
Kind of slow right now. Waiting for something to bite - a play, a commercial, a movie, anything! Just want to work!
I keep getting these invites to audit these acting classes, so I plan to do that sometime next week. And of course, gotta start keeping busy with workshops or something...


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