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Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Like When Its Busy :)

Jada Pinkett Smith, star of Hawthorne.

It's been kind of busy lately for me, which is good. The bad part of that is juggling my schedule and trying to find a way to go to my auditions while I'm still subbing! I have one more week left in this class and the committment is over! :) But they gave been a really great class - the best actually - so I can't complain...
So I had an audition yesterday for The Closer, playing a neighbor in a neighborhood meeting. It was a one line role and I was thinking of ways to cancel. I didn't, and I showed up on time for the audition, and I saw Carla Jimenez there. She is the woman I was up against for the pilot last fall. You know, the one who got my role in the Wilmer Valderamma pilot for FOX? Yeah - her. She's very sweet and we communicate from time to time on myspace/facebook/email/etc. Well, it was surprising to see her there, but it did solidify my decision to start auditioning again for co-star roles. Times are still hard and acting jobs are few and far between right now - actors just have to work - so we have to get out there and try and land whatever we can - no matter how big or small. My audition went well. Short and sweet. And I was out.
Today I had another audition for the new Jada Pinkett Smith show called Hawthorne. I went in for two different nurse roles. They went well, and the casting director is someone I know from workshops and facebook. In fact, she made a comment about how funny my updates are! That was nice! :) I saw a lot of familiar faces auditioning. There were lots of different types of nurses there, male and female, so who knows what they end up going with!
This weekend I plan to check out LYDIA at the Mark Taper Theater - I hear its great! I can't wait! :)
I also have an audition in a few weeks for a play in Long Beach. I know it's kind of a far commute to do a show - but that's how bad I need to do some kind of theater. Actually, I have this need to do really GREAT theater, so hopefully this is it! The play is called In Arabia We'd All Be Kings. I'm going to start reading it this week.
Still planning on spending some time this summer in NYC. maybe June or July. Not sure yet, but my manager is now keeping an eye out for submissions out there. I think she's going to start submitting me for plays for the summer- that would be awesome! :)
A cool little side note - I just received a very cool sweatshirt from the MORNING production office today! Nice souvenir from the film! :)


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