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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Another Audit

Last night I audited another acting coach. I was invited through email to check out Lynette McNeill's class that she has on Monday and Thursday nights. I have audited a few coaches in my quest to find a new home to study with. I've seen Ivanna Chubbuck, Howard Fine, John Kirby, and I've taken a comedy intensive with Scott Sedita, and I have Larry Moss on the list. So far, I'm pretty set on Howard Fine. But since I can't enroll until August (when the new cycle of classes begin), I decided to see what else was out there to consider, just in case I find someone even more suitable for me.
Lynette's class was small, 16 students. And she had only one class, unlike the different levels that other schools offered: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, and Master Class, which I prefer.
Her class began with an hour of improv, then onto prepared scenes.
The students seemed to have fun and Lynette really seemed involved in their progression.
I just didn't feel like this format and environment was for me.
At this point in my career I want and need to feel challenged. I want to feel like I'm in a class where I'm not the best one, but the worst one so I can really learn from my classmates and strive to be better. I want to work with actors whose careers are taking off to motivate me to work harder. To pull out the best in me. That's the goal.
So yeah, I'm pretty set on joining with Howard. :)


Blogger Bri said...

Since you're looking around, you might check out Warner Loughlin's studio... I worked with them a bit when I was in CA and really liked them all :). I thought that they had a great vibe there. They also have different levels and such like you like! :).

8:51 PM  

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