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Monday, April 27, 2009

Still Trying to Work - But Aren't We All? :)

Friday I had my audition for the feature film WWJD. I saw Jack Deveraux from Days of Our Lives, Matthew Ashford, auditioning as well. Can you believe I kept it together and didn't approach him? haha If you knew what a DAYS fan I was for many years, you would be very surprised!
I felt like my audition went well. I was auditioning for a maid named Maria, with an accent, so how bad could I have done, really? Afterwards, I headed to Santa Ana to see a friend perform in the play When Nature Calls with the Breath of Fire Latina Theater Company. It was a series of monologues written by Josefina Lopez.
Afterwards I spent the night with my friend Shayla in Long Beach. I really like heading down there because its so pretty! I really want to live closer to the beach! So we went condo hunting and found some really great deals! I just don't know if Long Beach would be too long of a commute when I have auditions.
Sunday I had my audition for the play Anna in the Tropics at the Frida Khalo Theater. I really wish my Spanish was better, because the show is in English and Spanish! :( That has always been on my to-do list - get fluent in Spanish, but somehow I haven't been able to complete that task! Maybe I just need to go to Spain for 6 months and immerse myself in the language! ;)
I have an audition on Wednesday of this week for The Closer, playing my first lesbian character (I think). I need to book something, but I know we're coming up on the slow summer season... And so far my booking ratio has been less than stellar lately.
Still thinking of NYC, maybe for a few weeks this summer....we'll see....


Blogger Xiada said...

Hi Lydia,
good luck for the audition lesbian character, at least it´s different to be a maid(I wonder why the maids always called María? don't writers know that in spanish exists more names than María? :(((

And if you come to Spain you know you have a friend ;)))

Kisses & Hugs
PD:Sorry for my english, by the way if you need help with your spanish, I`m here for whatever you need.

7:36 PM  
Blogger L said...

Hi love the blog ill be following you and added you to my links page hope ull do the same!

2:55 PM  

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