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Monday, April 25, 2016

Proud Agent

So...I'm having one of those moments where I am extremely proud of the talent I represent.
No really - I have some amazingly talented actors on my roster.  
Yes - here in South Texas.  Corpus Christi to be exact.  
A city which has NEVER had a talent agency submitting actors for these opportunities!

I had the pleasure of seeing the opening night performance of the musical RENT at the University last week.  Three of the leads are with my agency, and the others, I would love to sign on!  The show was SOOOOO freakin good.  I had seen some of these actors in other shows and never knew some of them can sing like that!  And to see my actors, the ones with the agency, push and stretch their acting limits for these roles, it was the coolest thing to witness!  I think because of my background, and knowing the hard work an acting career takes, it makes me a special kind of agent - one who appreciates the work my actors do - on stage, and off.

Another proud moment this past week was having so many of my teens audition for High School Musical 4!  They got private coaching, worked on songs, memorized with very little time, and submitted great audition tapes!   I had 11 actors audition and 6 received in-person callbacks in Dallas!  Not a bad ratio!  And after hearing back from the actors after their callbacks, it seems like those went very well also!  

Its pretty exciting to be a part of their journey.  
I consider this to be the beginning of a long and successful career in the business, 
if they continue to pursue it.


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