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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Good Audition

I had my audition yesterday for that series regular on the Untitled Cannon/Bruckheimer pilot with April Webster Casting. April is such a breath of fresh air! Her energy is so positive! And it was great seeing Lonnie Hamerman again! She used to be over at Gary Zuckerbrod's office on Without a Trace. I met her a while back doing workshops and she's brought me in numerous times! She really likes me so that's always a good thing!
There were 5 of us auditioning for my role today. I say "today" because I know they've seen people previously since my friend Deborah S. Craig went in on this a couple of days ago for the same role. The 5 of us were all different so I think it will come down to what they are looking for physically. But all in all, I think I did a pretty good job. Lonnie said "Great, as always" afterwards, so I don't think I sucked. But we did chat for a bit and I let her know about my new agent and how I tested in August! Seemed like good topics of conversation at my series regular audition! heehee
Just got a call from my manager that I'm on "Avail" for that Xyzal commercial. The only problem is I think the shoot dates are in early December - when I'm in ITALY!!! :( Damn. We'll have to see how this works out.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another Nice "Actor" Day

Well, I had a GREAT callback today for that commercial! It's always a great callback when the casting director says "Brilliant" afterwards! haha
She's very sweet!
Then after my callback, I headed over to the post office to mail my postcards out. For some reason my printer wasn't working this morning so I had to hand write over a hundred addresses on these postcards this morning!
Then I headed over to AEF to officially sign my contract. That was cool! I gave them some headshots and copies of my demo reel and talked to one of the commercial agents that I will be working with.
My manager called this morning with an audition for a series regular role on the new Unititled Cannon/Bruckheimer pilot for TNT! That's tomorrow at noon! Wish me luck! :)

Monday, October 27, 2008


Just got word today that I was released from being "pinned" on Eli Stone. I'm actually kinda happy about that because it leaves me open to book a larger and better role! And I have faith that a larger role will come my way now that I have my new agents behind me. :) We'll see...
I picked up my postcards today and I plan on getting them ready to mail tomorrow morning. I really like them! The Photoshop in Sherman Oaks did a great job! ;) (That's my plug for them!)
That reminds me, I have to send an autographed headshot to a fan who contacted my manager today. It happens every so often, and I don't know if I will ever get used to it! It's pretty surreal and very cool! :)
SO excited for tomorrow! Looking forward to my callback and my contract signing! YAY!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Postcard

Here is my new postcard. I should be picking them up tomorrow or Tuesday and mailing them out ASAP. I have to make sure that everyone gets them before next Sunday's episode of Desperate Housewives. :)
I also saw on (hopefully it's accurate) that my Prison Break episode will air again next Sunday also. It will air 11am on FX. November 2nd looks like a big day on TV for me! :)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Last Minute Audition!

I had a last minute audition yesterday for another commercial! Well, it was sort of a commercial. It was for voting No on Prop 8. I had to act like a "couple" with my buddy Bernardo Badillo because our manager submitted us as a couple - since that was what the spot was looking for. I think we did well. It shoots this weekend and I haven't heard anything yet, so I doubt we got it.
I did get a callback for that other commercial audition from Thursday. It's on Tuesday. And right after that I go into AEF to officially sign paperwork! :)
Today I have a workshop, then I approve my postcard layout for printing.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Nice "Actor" Day

I had a 7:30am call time this morning for the Dollhouse shoot. Traffic was hell this morning and I arrived about 10 minutes late! Oops! I HATE when that happens! I was playing an "upscale housewife" and I have to say this was the quickest and easiest paycheck I have every worked for! I was wrapped by 10:30am, it took only 3 minutes to actually shoot my part, and my quote was raised! YAY!! All good stuff!
After I wrapped, I headed over to the SAG office to update my member info to include my new representation (see below). I checked out the SAG Actor Center for a bit, (very cool place) then headed over to Photoshop in Sherman Oaks to start ordering my new postcard. I wanted to design one that annouced my new rep, my Dollhouse booking, and my Desperate Housewives episode that SHOULD air November 2nd.
After that, I headed over to a commercial audition in Van Nuys for an allergy medicine. The role was a mother of an 8 year old and the sides had A LOT of dialogue. I wasn't able to get the script ahead of time, and I didn't even think I would make it to the audition if it wasn't for me wrapping early, so I got there a bit early to look it over. I was a little nervous because I had a lot to say with not a lot of time to prepare. But I'm pretty confident in my cold reading skills and I have to say I was able to pull it off. The casting director, Pam Gilles, seemed to be very happy with my audition and called me a real "professional". Awww....That was nice.
Now we'll just wait and see what happens....

New Representation!

I took some meetings this week and have decided on a new addition to my team! I will be signing on with AEF: Amsel, Eisenstadt, & Frazier Talent Agency on Tuesday! I'm really excited about them mainly because they seemed really excited about me! Plus, they were all really nice! They also represent Barry Williams (Greg Brady) and the very sexy Antonio Sabato Jr! Nice! But I'm most impressed with the fact that they represent Danny Trejo! He works a lot!
I'm excited and hopeful about this new turn in my career. I feel only amazing things are on the horizon! :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Good News!

I had a great meeting today with an awesome agency and I have another one tomorrow woith another awesome agency....and then I make my decision. I pretty much know which way I'm leaning... :)
Found out this afternoon that I booked that role on Dollhouse for FOX. I shoot Thursday. Weird...I could've sworn I wasn't going to get this one... hahaha I guess you never know. :)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Audition Today!

I had an audition for Eli Stone today. It was a small co-star role of a hotel clerk. It went well, I'm going to producers tomorrow at 5pm. I normally would be a little more picky, shooting for strictly guest star or recurring roles, but considering the economy, and how slow it is, a girl's gotta work! So I will consider mostly everything! :)
Also, that audition last Friday for Dollhouse, that I thought was a waste of time, may not turn out that way. They called for my "quote" so I'm on their mind. Hmmm....
I have a meeting with one of my target agencies on Monday. I'm SOOOOO excited!!! :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

According to imdb...

I will be on Desperate Housewives on Sunday. Nice! I thought I was in episode 6, not 4, so I didn't even think about postcards, or notifying people this week. Oops! I better get busy today! :)

Working 9 to 5

Saw 9 to 5 tonight at The Ahmanson tonight! It was good...very entertaining! I hadn't seen the film in ages, and the play brought back many memories! But let me just say, the actress who played Dolly's character, Megan Hilty, was so GREAT! She was a dead ringer for her! Her voice, her look, her acting - it was a perfect impersonation.
Allison Janney was good in the Lily Tomlin role. She's not a great singer, but she acting like she could sing! She played the role perfectly.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Well, I went to that audition yesterday and I have to say that I felt like I should've been subbing that day instead! It was one of those feelings that felt like I may have wasted my time. I didn't do BAD, I just didn't feel like it was MY part. They had so many different types of women there, so they could cast either direction. And I'd much rather have made a definate income that day then go to that audition. I guess that tells you something about our economy and how slow things have been for me - income wise.
And what's interesting is, I turned down an audition for Monday! Well, my manager advised me to turn it down. It was for Hannah Montana and originally it was for two mom roles. Well, the larger role was cut at the last minute so I would've only been auditioning for the one line mom part. Well, my manager and I agreed that since this office has brought me in numerous times and will probably have better roles for me down the line, we are going to hold out for something better. :) I've been close to booking (pinned) many times for Hannah Montana and I'm sure they will keep me in mind for future roles.
I had two workshops this afternoon that went really well. At Actorsite I met Angela Sorensen w/ Zane Pillsbury and at ACG I met both Angela Scaletta w/ Tim Payne & Christi Webb w/ Koczara / Shevchenko. Not a bad day! :) I'll be sure to postcard them this week!
I did see my friend Dan of The Dan Band last night. That was an AWESOME show as usual! :)

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Of Course...

I have been bored all week.
I subbed only one day (Tuesday) and had nothing the rest of this week, except for workshops.
Well, Yesterday I finally booked a subbing gig for Friday and then I get the call just now that I have an audition for Dollhouse at 11:30am. Of course! That's how it always works! Damn - I had to cancel my subbing job. I better book this, because work is slim all on fronts and if I'm turning down subbing work, I better make up for it somewhere else. It's a small role as an "upscale housewife".
I also cancelled my workshop tonight for the commercial agencies. The one office I had my eye on pulled out at the last minute and she replaced them with another office. Since my "target" wasn't going to be there tonight, I decided to save my $30 for another workshop.
I have two workshops lined up for Saturday.
Tomorrow night I'm seeing my buddy Dan Finnerty of The Dan Band in his show at the Avalon Theater. SOOOOO funny! (He was the wedding singer from Old School.) :)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Wow, I realized that I haven't written in my blog for a while...meaning not much has been happening in while! :( No auditions. No meetings for new commercial or theatrical representation. Nothing.
I did have my meeting/read through of that film that I will be "helping to produce" last week. That was fun - to begin this process. I'm looking forward to "the next step". This should be exciting! :)
When things get too slow for me, I get back into workshops. I had one this past Saturday for Junie Lowry Johnson's Casting office. They used to cast Ugly Betty and now they are working on Dirty Sexy Money and Big Love. That workshop went well. I did a very intense dramatic scene where I played a rape victim. Everyone else had light comedic scenes and here I am, doing heavy material that I had 10 minutes to look over! Crazy! But luckily I did well. :)
I had another workshop last night for Romano/Benner's office. They cast Scrubs and One Tree Hill. That one went ok. I had a comedic scene and I felt a little off, but she seemed to like me anyway - go figure! ;) haha
Tonight is soap night - I have a workshop for the office that casts Young and the Restless. I haven't booked a soap yet, and I rarely get called in for them. I did audition one time for a juicy role on General Hospital. Didn't get it though. We'll see how it goes tonight.
And tomorrow is commercial agent night. Workshops with two agencies tomorrow night. We'll see how tht goes.
I hope I get auditions soon - because I hate only having my workshops to blog about! :(