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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sorry for Being MIA

Ok, almost 2 weeks have passed since I have posted anything. So sorry! Let's get everyone up to date.
Last week I had a callback for the Bank of America commercial. It went really well. They paired us up and gave us a scenario. Mine was being proposed to. So I had this complete stranger tell me he loved me, then got on bended knee and proposed to me. I accepted, and this complete stranger hugged and kissed me on my neck. Sounds weird, right? Just another day at the office! Then, after he proposed, we had to improvise a scene where we are now in a birthing class and I'm pregnant. Life moves fast! haha
Last weekend I went to Vegas for an early birthday celebration with some friends. And yesterday was my official birthday, and I spent it auditioning for a play in Long Beach called In Arabia We'd All Be Kings. Actually, I had another play audition earlier this week for a show called El Verde at Casa 0101. I would love to do a play this summer. I feel so out of practice!
This week has been a pretty horrible week (between taking my car in to fix "issues" and dealing with a horrible 5th grade class), so I'm waiting for something amazing to happen. I need it. I deserve it. haha
Maybe a nice big booking??

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Birthday To ME! :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

My New Baby...

This week has been interesting.
My first week off from subbing, and I bought a new car! :) I love it, but now that I have a new car payment I have to keep working!
I had two auditions on Wednesday. One for Nip/Tuck and one for Bank of America. Then my agent called for another bank of America audition on Thursday morning, which ended up being the same spot - so I didn't re-audition.
Tonight I'm going to a screening of La Carretera, the short film I shot 2 years ago.
That's about all that's happening... I have a birthday coming up - May 27th. Yikes! Another year gone! Where is the time going??

Friday, May 08, 2009

Not Much Going On

Today is my last day of subbing in this 3rd grade class. Then I'm back to finding work everyday. There are pluses and minuses to that!
Yesterday I had my audition for Raising the Bar. It was for another maid role, on the stand in court. I thought I did fairly well. I went in and did my thing with my accent and the producers and director seemed to like it and then I was out. I have to say I was the youngest actress there for this role, so I may not be what they are looking for - but you never know...
So far, no other auditions lined up. I may watch a production of Jesus Christ Superstar this weekend and possibly take some workshops next week, just to stay busy doing something. Next Friday I am finally watching the final cut of a short film I shot almost 2 years ago: La Carretera (formally known as The Graveyard Shift). I'm excited to see everyone I worked with on that production!
Summer is always SO SLOW!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Last night I saw the production of LYDIA at The Mark Taper Theater, and OH MY GOD, was it amazing! I absolutely LOVED it! :) The acting, the writing, the direction - it was all great! Very inspiring! (And it made me feel like I have tons of work to do!) I especially loved how fearless the whole production was with the subject matter. The writing "went tehre" the actors "went there" - and they were not afraid! It was awesome! I highly recommend this show!
I'm taking the day off of subbing tomorrow because I have an audition in Santa Monica in the morning. It's for Raising the Bar on TNT. Wish me luck! :)