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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Sorry it's taken me so long to post. I have no great excuse. Just nothing really exciting to say. :( I'm getting ready to head out of town for the holidays.

I thought I'd have my first choice agent already on board - and that didn't work out, obviously. Then, I've been waiting to hear back from agency #2, and they haven't made up their mind on me yet. Hmmm..... And so that leaves us with agency #3. I may have to try them on for size during pilot season to see how they work out. They weren't my fist choice - but they are decent and really want to work with me, so a hard working agent during pilot season is better than no agent - right? So I think that's what I will do.

I leave for Texas on Tuesday and will return to the west coast on January 3rd, 2007.

If I have anything to say during that time, I will post. But if not, see you in 2007, with a strong fresh start! :)


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Happy Birthday Aaron!

My beautiful Godson turns one today!! :) YAY!!!!

Saturday, December 09, 2006


with Cher Ferreyra in Tropical America, a play I did back in 2002. Fun role! :) If I'm not the maid, I'm the gang banger, right??!!

I had a pretty bad day yesterday. :(

Ok, let me start by saying my meeting with House of Representatives yesterday went AWESOME! I was comfortable. I liked these women (Ginger and Pam), and we just chatted. It was nice. I felt like they meant business and I was excited about that. When I was leaving the office, they told me that had to discuss with each other to see if I'm in conflict with another actress they represent. They were afraid I was too close in age to her. This girl plays early to mid twenties and they were hoping I played well into my thirties. When they met me, I guess they could tell that I play around late twenties to early thirties. They wanted more like a 10 year gap between us - and there wasn't.

So my day yesterday started off with a phone call from Ginger telling me they loved me - but UNFORTUNATELY, they couldn't bring me on because I was in conflict with this actress. And they have been representing her for a while, so they couldn't do that to her.

Well. ok. I'm disappointed - but not upset. What can you do, right?

So I continued subbing my kindergarten class and went to lunch. I usually pack my own lunch, but this day I didn't have time in the morning so I figured I would just buy something. I ordered my lunch and went to the counter to pay and that's when I realized that when I switched purses in the morning, I left my debit card and my license in there! Oops. And I have no cash. SO there went lunch. It was pretty embarrassing. And I lived too far away to run home during my 35 minute break. Damn.

So afterschool, I rush home to get my subbing check in the mail and take it to the bank for deposit. I've been running around like crazy this week with all those meetings and I've been telling myself that I need to put gas. I was runningf on E for a while now. So after the bank, I was heading straight to the gas station, when....yup, you guessed it - half a block away from the gas station, I run out of gas. Is this for real? Is today really happening???? UGH! SO I walk down the street and get a gas container and rescue myself. :) After the day I had, it was better to just stay in and stay out of trouble.

Or get a lotto ticket. Maybe with all this bad luck, I would've won a million dollars or something!

So today is a new day and we will see what happens with Beverly Hecht next week. I liked them alot. And if I don't get anymore meetings before pilot season, it's probably best to just go with them to have another team of people working for me.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

More Agents!

I met with The Beverly Hechy Agency today and I really liked them! I have one more meeting tomorrow with House of Representatives and then I will know exactly where I will end up. I'll keep you posted! :)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Busy Day Tomorrow!

I'm not sure if I'm subbing yet tomorrow or not - but it's already pretty busy. If I am working - then I'll probably get off around 2:30pm.
Then I have to head straight over to my meeting with Hervey/Grimes Talent Agency at 3:30pm.
Then right after that, I head to Universal for my Desperate Housewives audition. I'm bummed that I'm going in for a tiny one line nurse role, after I told my management company I wanted to focus more on guest star roles. I guess they forgot about that conversation! Oh well.... My audition is at 6:15pm.
Then I workout at 6:45pm - if I can make my class. I joined Krav Maga a couple of weeks ago, and surprisingly enough - I actually like it! It kicks my butt every workout - which is good. Very good. And I look forward to my classes - which I take about 5 - 7 classes a week - 5 days a week. Or at least I try to.
So Tuesday will be very busy for me.
And Wednesday will be exactly like that - minus the audition (unless I get another one last minute! :) )
And in fact, so will Thursday - since I have meetings with agencies all week - and workouts all week.
Whew! I'm tired just thinking about all this! :)

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Two Shows this Week! :)

I play Maria the nanny in a small part on What About Brian, airing tomorrow night. And my part of Marta, Cameron Diaz housekeeper, in The Holiday was cut down so much I'm hardly even there! :(
Oh well - it's a good movie anyway, so check it out! ;) Plus, I still get paid, so make this film a hit! :)

Friday, December 01, 2006

This Week...

This week I had TWO auditions! One was a callback for a Wells Fargo commercial on Tuesday afternoon. It went well. It was a room full of people and I auditioned with a guy who had to do all the work. I just had to react off of him. I felt pretty good about it even though their reactions were pretty quiet.
Then I had a straight to producers call for My Name is Earl. I was going in for a funny part of a masseuse named Tammy. Small but funny role. I felt like I did pretty great - but since it's Friday today and I haven't heard anything, I'm guessing I didn't get it. Oh well...
Beverly Hecht Agency called to set up a meeting with me for next week. I'm meeting with them on Wednesday - the day before I meet with House of Representatives. Hopefully by this time next week I will have signed with a new agent - just in time for pilot season! :)
This week has been pretty interesting. I received a "fan email" from someone in Germany requesting 2 autographed pictures of me for her and her sister since they were both "huge fans". Weird. I figured it was someone thinking I was probably someone famous and they could sell it on ebay - Little do they know they probably wouldn't get much for it! haha But then I got a letter from a man who wrote to both my agent and my manager requesting an autographed picture (with two self addressed stamped envelopes). He's a sailor in the US Navy and wanted to take a signed picture of me of the submarine with him. This is all very weird. But fun, I have to see! :)