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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Here we go Again....

Big changes happening....
So we've decided to leave Austin behind :'( and head back to our old hometown of Corpus Christi.  My husband wants to open his own business there.  He resells used and refurbished fitness equipment.  The change will be good considering both of our families live there, so our kids can grow up around family.  I've decided to open my casting office next year there in Corpus.  So here we are...wiping the slate clean and building everything from the ground up.  Scary, yes.  but exciting.  I'm excited for my husband to finally work for himself, doing what he does best.  And I'm excited at the opportunity I will have to scout talent in Corpus and hopefully be able to employ some of these actors.  I can't wait to hold a casting call to see what kind of talent I can find.  I can't wait to be able to teach classes on the business of acting and audition technique.
This will be good...for all of us.
In the meantime, I'm sad to leave such a great city...a city that I always expected to raise my family in.  I'm sad that my kids will have to leave their school - just when they were getting comfortable and doing so well!  But I'm sure these new experiences and new memories with family will teach them more than any school could!
So we are a week away from Halloween.  And somehow I became the "crafty" mom and decided to make their costumes this year!  Lol  Ivy will be Pebbles and Nic will be Bam Bam.  Simple enough for this first timer crafter!
I love the fall!  :)