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Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Beginnings...

What is it about New Year's that always makes me feel like I get a fresh start?  A do-over.  A chance to set new goals. I LOVE this time of year!  I get so excited about the possibilities for the new year.  I never dwell on what I didn't accomplish this year - only what I dream about for the next year.  I clean out closets, desks, drawers and fridges.  I've always been a pretty optimistic person.   I know some people don't like making new years resolutions, mainly because most of them quit after a few weeks.  But there's something about getting excited over new goals, that drive to achieve them, the possibility of actually reaching them, that gets me so excited!
2012 was pretty amazing.  It was hectic and stressful - yes, but there is no way I can beat the miracle of giving birth to my beautiful Ivy Rose on any other given year.  I've had some amazing accomplishments over the past few years, but nothing quite like these past couple of years have given me.  I've complained a lot about how hard my life is now, sounding like a spoiled brat that used to have such a "cush life" - but I do want to take a second and pause on all the blessings I received this year and last.  The family I now have is more than I ever could dream of!  And no one's life is easy, but I'm grateful for the love that surrounds me each and every day.  My daughter's smile and my son's hugs around my neck can make anything better.  :)
2013 will be a big year for me as well...  We are planning a wedding for the early fall.  Figured we ought to get married before the babies graduate high school!  :)  And I'm starting back on my diet and exercise regimen.  I know I have a long and hard road ahead of me - since it feels like I'm back at square one, but I know me.  And I know I can do it.  I have to!  A beach wedding demands a fit bride!  And I'll have two toddlers running around this new year - I have to be able to keep up with them!  Physical training just to keep up with my kids!  And get back into my favorite jeans....  Where are those old things anyway?  I haven't worn them in ages!  :(
But this year I plan to.  And wear them well....  ;)