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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Addition to the Family

Her name is Luca. She lives on the 2nd fl. Lol

So, I have had my cat for 15 years until she passed away this past New Year's Day. I've always wanted a dog, I just couldn't have one while I had Precious. So this is my first official live-in dog. I had my dog Benson who lived at my parents' house until he died an early death. :(
We named her Luca, and she is totaly adorable. About 6 weeks old, and around 90% Lab, 10% who knows. So yes, we are crazy to take on this big responsibilty right now, but what the hell! What is life if you don't take chances and aren't willing to make changes that could change your life? ;)
So she is our puppy. And puppy training will begin in September at Petco for 6 weeks! haha Tonight is her first night with us. I hope she transitions well...

Here's to a future filled with happiness, snuggles, and smiles...

Monday, August 22, 2011

Who's Life is This? :)

I barely recognize my life anymore! So much has changed in less than a year, it's unbelieveable. I remember this time last year, I was getting used to my one bedroom apartment in West Hollywood (that I paid $1150 a month for!). I had my Acting class with Howard Fine (I miss everyone!), my auditions (whenever I had any..), and my Audition Technique classes I taught over at Actorsite in North Hollywood. Not to mention the courier business I has started, The Actor's Courier. I kept myself busy, and I hung out with friends as much as possible, but I still was lonely and unhappy. I felt like every year was the same for the past 10 years. I auditioned for things, booked work, went to class, taught class, and started all over again the following year. I wanted a HUGE change to happen in my life. And Boy, did it! :)
I'm living in, and loving, Austin Texas. I've been here in February. Back in Texas since December. In a short 8 months, I have managed to take my life like a glass snowball and turn it upside down and shake it really hard. :)
Aside from the heat in Austin, I am loving it. I've been keeping busy on the board of Austin Actor's Conservatory. Taking my much needed break from Acting. No plays, no films, nothing. Well, at least I'm gonna try for that.
I'm newly engaged, and trying to save and plan for a wedding, maybe sometime late summer 2012. And we are adding to our family! We are adopting a puppy, hopefully this week. A lab mix female pup. I'm sure we will have our hands full!
And much more news to share, but I'll have to wait until next week to give the update...
Ooooh, suspense.... ;)