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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Addition to the Family

Her name is Luca. She lives on the 2nd fl. Lol

So, I have had my cat for 15 years until she passed away this past New Year's Day. I've always wanted a dog, I just couldn't have one while I had Precious. So this is my first official live-in dog. I had my dog Benson who lived at my parents' house until he died an early death. :(
We named her Luca, and she is totaly adorable. About 6 weeks old, and around 90% Lab, 10% who knows. So yes, we are crazy to take on this big responsibilty right now, but what the hell! What is life if you don't take chances and aren't willing to make changes that could change your life? ;)
So she is our puppy. And puppy training will begin in September at Petco for 6 weeks! haha Tonight is her first night with us. I hope she transitions well...

Here's to a future filled with happiness, snuggles, and smiles...


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