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Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I am the victim of an editor.
I've seen the cutting room floor up close many times (The OC, Everwood), but none have felt this cold as the cutting room floor of The Holiday.
I went to a screening this evening of "my" movie - and I use the word "my" loosely considering I was barely visible! They cut out every single part where I would be recognizable. But I won't take it personally. All of my close up shots where gone. But I won't take that personally. I was reduced to a "background artist" in one scene and a blur who utters a barely audible line in another - and that's it. But again, I won't take that personally. At least I'll try not to.
It's funny how I worked five times longer on this shoot than The Terminal - got paid 5 times more - and am seen five times LESS!
But that's showbiz.....right? :(
Oh well, my 300 postcards announcing the film's opening will be nice publicity that Columbia Pictures didn't have to pay for!
And I'm looking forward to the NEXT film where it will be impossible to cut me out, since I will be a major character! ;) Gotta keep thinking positive, right?
Speaking on staying on the positive note, I saw an incredible film Sunday called BELLA. It won the People's Choice Award at the Toronto Film Festival, which means it walked away with top honors up against films like Babel. Bella's director is Alejandro Monteverde, who goes to my church. We chatted a bit before the screening and I got his information. His production company, Metanoia Films, would be something I would LOVE to be involved with. He is committed to telling interesting, positive stories with a good message.
What a nice change of pace!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

News, News, and More News!

The cast of For Your Consideration. Funny movie - definately worth an Oscar! ;)

Let's see....seems like a lot has happened in the past couple of days that I haven't posted about. Last night I audited Ivana Chubbuck's master class. It was pretty cool. I have to say I wasn't "blown away" like I expected to be - but that's good news. I thought I would feel inferior to those actors if they did super amazing scenes - but their scenes were "ok", and I felt like I was in their game. I wasn't "out of their level". So that's good. I met with Ivana after the class and she looked over my resume and told me she would put me in her Saturday morning Advanced class. I'm not sure how long I would have to stay at the advanced level before I get "moved up" to her master classes. Some people stay there for months and months and never go into the master class. And my friend Angel moved up within a couple of months. So it all depends on your work. :) We'll see. I may start classes at her studio in January. They are not cheap - around $300 a month for on-going classes....but I hear they're worth it!

Great news! My manager called me yesterday to tell me that House of Representatives (one of my top agency picks) wants to schedule a meeting with me so I could meet with all the agents. Nice. Usually at this point, they have all discussed with each other how they feel about the new actor and decided whether or not they want to represent him/her - in this case ME! :) They have seen my reel and talked to my manager and figured out if I fit in their roster or not. By scheduling this meeting with me, I'm hoping it means they are ready to start working with me! I'm trying to stay positive! I mean, they wouldn't schedule a meeting for me to meet all of the agents just for them to all say in unison - "We don't want you". Right? Anyway, my "big meeting" is Thursday December 7th at 4pm - so be sure to send positive vibes my way around that time! I'm just ready to start playing on that next level.

I had a commercial audition today. It was for Wells Fargo Bank. I didn't have to do much. I just had to stand and wait for the ATM machine and the guy before me goes crazy because it gave him money that he didn't expect he had in his account. I mean, he really went crazy, hootin' and hollerin' and trying to high five me. I just give him a "You're a crazy white boy" look and he exits off camera. That's it. I spent an hour and a half trying to get home from Santa Monica during rush hour traffic. It wasn't fun.

I went to a screening tonight for the film For Your Consideration. It was pretty hilarious! I really liked the film. I highly recommend you find a theater and see this. I hear there's "Oscar buzz" on this film! ;)

So, I come home to check my email tonight and someone had forwarded me their invite to a free screening next Tuesday for the film The Holiday! WHAT??? Columbia Pictures had just told us that they did not have a cast and crew screening scheduled - but they could've said something about being able to see the film before it's released! hel-lo! So I went ahead and signed up for the free screening of my film. It will be with an audience of screenwriters since that's the group that is putting together the screening. I'm going to try and get some friends to rsvp for it too - so I won't have to sit in the theater and watch it by myself (- with a bunch of strangers I mean.) I'll let you know just how much of the film I end up in!

Don't get too excited - I have a feeling it won't be much. We'll see.... :)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Starring ME!

Thanks to my friend Rick, I have my own poster! Thanks Rick! :)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Great News...and Not So Great news....

So first - The Great News! I have tickets to the premiere of The Holiday! My manager just got off the phone with Columbia Pictures and they said I have tickets for the premiere! Very cool!
Now the Not So Great News.... The freakin' premiere is in New York City! WHAT???!!! Ugh! Just great! And I doubt that Columbia Pictures will fly me to NYC - so the question is, do I have it in my budget for an impromptu trip to NY for my first premiere - right before the holidays? - not really. So, as much as I wanted to go to this - it's probably not worth it for me to fly to NY, considering how small my part will end up being!
Maybe this just means that the NEXT one will be the one I'm supposed to go to! First no invite to the premiere for The Terminal, then The Holiday premiere in NYC!
Oh well.... gotta just laugh when it's this painful! :) ha ha ha

Monday, November 13, 2006


The Holiday poster on a bus in Culver City! Nice! OPENS DECEMBER 8TH!!

I had an audition today for Close to Home at Audino/Schiff Casting on the SONY lot. The role was a preschool teacher so they asked that we not dress sexy and to portray "sweet and honest". Got it. So I put my hair behing my ears, wore a nice pleated skirt and a sweater and looked very sweet and honest! ;)

Hey, I HAVE been a preschool teacher before, so I know how to look sweet! hahaha
My audition was at 12:30pm and I got there really early - 11:50am. They told me that they wouldn't start until 12:30pm, so I hung around and read my script over and over again. I was first, and I hate going first because you never know if they are willing to bring you back to producers, or wait and see what else they have in the room. Lucky for me, first time was a charm and I was asked to come back for producers at 3pm. I got there and saw one other girl from the preread and two other girls that I hadn't seen before. All of us with very different looks. I felt really good about my read. Carrie, the casting director, looked very pleased after I finished and nodded her head. So I walked out of there pretty confident. I'm not sure if I booked the role or not, but it feels good to do a decent job, especially after the BAD audition I had last week. Or was it the week before? Anyway, it felt good.
I spent the whole day running into posters and billboards for my movie The Holiday! That was really cool. I'm getting excited that the opening date is creeping closer and closer! I was at a red light and a bus with the huge poster on it drove right next to me - so I had to pull out my camera phone! Yeah, I know - I'm a dork!
I talked to my manager today and she was on the phone with someone from Columbia Pictures trying to get me on the "list" for the premiere. Crazy that it takes this much work just to go to a film premeire of the movie I was in! Wow.... Well, since the film is opening December 8th, I'm assuming the premiere is a week or so before that. That reminds me - I better get to the gym!

Friday, November 10, 2006

THE HOLIDAY opens Dec 8th!

They moved the opening of the film up by 2 weeks! And I found that out by watching the trailer on tv! I've been letting everyone know the film was opening Dec 22nd and now that's it's been moved up - I have this sense of panic/nervousness. Mainly because I have no idea if I'll be invited to the premiere. Time to get moving and make that happen! :)
Last night I saw a great film: The Pursuit of Happyness with Will Smith. He did a great job in this film. It was a very honest performance. And his 5 year old son co-starred in it with him, and did a pretty impressive job also!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Short Week

I was off of work (subbing) on Monday and Tuesday, so I spent all of Monday dropping off packages at agencies and all of Tuesday dropping of pictures for new feature films. Trying to be productive! I guess it worked since I got a call yesterday from House of Representatives, requesting my demo reel! Nice! :) I hand delivered it yesterday afternoon. House of Rep has been on the top of my agency list ever since I moved here - so I was really excited that they showed interest. Now, I hope my reel was strong enough to get a meeting!
Also, in other news....My website it being constructed as I write! I have been wanting a website for I don't know how long - seems like forever! And now, if you go to - you will enter into my little corner of the web world - other than this blog of course (which will have a link on my website!) Keep in mind that it's under construction right now, but should be up and running in full swing by the weekend - maybe even tomorrow! :) There you will have access to my resume, pictures, reel, most recent news and contact information.
Almost everything you have here, minus all the writing! heehee

Friday, November 03, 2006


So could it have gone any worse? Probably not. ok, let's stay positive....I'm SURE it could've gone worse. Somehow. Is that considered positive?
Anyway, my audition didn't go so great. Obviously.
I walked in prepared and in the zone. Trying to maintain my emotion and not get distracted by the idle chatter in the waiting room. I was ready. I walked in and the casting director wasn't so ready. She didn't even know what role I was reading for, nor was she prepared for the emotional scene I was about to do. She kept asking me questions that got me in my head and out of my zone. Little chit chat questions - which kinda irked me since I knew I was about to do an emotional scene. Then I asked her that since it called for a scream at the end of my scene, did she want me to do it? She answered with these words specifically "I can't imagine you NOT". So I took it to mean that of course, she wanted me to do the scream. So I did my emotional scene and I did the terrified scream at the end and the first thing she said was "I can't believe you did the scream! I said NOT to." I was completely confused. I SWORE she said she couldn't imagine me NOT doing the scream. But obviously it was a miscommunication which resulted in me annoying her with a loud shriek. Great. So now that I know this, she asks me to do the scene again, with some adjustments. The second time around, I was so in my head and distracted by the fact that I just annoyed the casting director and trying to figure out how I misinterpreted what she said that I didn't do so hot that time. I left there just wanting to run out and hide under a rock. I'm not sure what it is about this particular office, but my track record there is horrible! They don't call me in all that often, but when they do, it always happens to be when I suck!
So it's safe to say I need to put this one behind me and move on.


My Horoscope for today:

Think big and go after what you want. A surge of 'me first!' energy gives you the boldness to ask for what you really want. Your loved ones may be astonished at your chutzpah, but they'll also be very impressed by the results.

Nice! :)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Audition Tomorrow!

Ok, so I have an audition for a co-star role tomorrow. It's a new show for NBC and my part is a nice co-star role in two scenes. I know I said I didn't want to do anymore co-star parts - but I checked out the sides and this role was pretty juicy. My character is getting car-jacked with a gun pointed out her and she's terrified. So I get to stretch my acting muscles a bit with this part. I think my character is in tears for the entire 2 scenes, trembling and completely freaked out. Nice. I especially like the action sequence at the end of the second scene where they stop my car by ramming a patrol car into it and having to pull me out of it to save me. Sounds like fun! :)