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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Great News...and Not So Great news....

So first - The Great News! I have tickets to the premiere of The Holiday! My manager just got off the phone with Columbia Pictures and they said I have tickets for the premiere! Very cool!
Now the Not So Great News.... The freakin' premiere is in New York City! WHAT???!!! Ugh! Just great! And I doubt that Columbia Pictures will fly me to NYC - so the question is, do I have it in my budget for an impromptu trip to NY for my first premiere - right before the holidays? - not really. So, as much as I wanted to go to this - it's probably not worth it for me to fly to NY, considering how small my part will end up being!
Maybe this just means that the NEXT one will be the one I'm supposed to go to! First no invite to the premiere for The Terminal, then The Holiday premiere in NYC!
Oh well.... gotta just laugh when it's this painful! :) ha ha ha


Anonymous belinda said...

You always have a place to stay if you come to New York! Congratulations on all you've done!

Belinda & David

8:33 PM  

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