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Saturday, November 18, 2006

News, News, and More News!

The cast of For Your Consideration. Funny movie - definately worth an Oscar! ;)

Let's see....seems like a lot has happened in the past couple of days that I haven't posted about. Last night I audited Ivana Chubbuck's master class. It was pretty cool. I have to say I wasn't "blown away" like I expected to be - but that's good news. I thought I would feel inferior to those actors if they did super amazing scenes - but their scenes were "ok", and I felt like I was in their game. I wasn't "out of their level". So that's good. I met with Ivana after the class and she looked over my resume and told me she would put me in her Saturday morning Advanced class. I'm not sure how long I would have to stay at the advanced level before I get "moved up" to her master classes. Some people stay there for months and months and never go into the master class. And my friend Angel moved up within a couple of months. So it all depends on your work. :) We'll see. I may start classes at her studio in January. They are not cheap - around $300 a month for on-going classes....but I hear they're worth it!

Great news! My manager called me yesterday to tell me that House of Representatives (one of my top agency picks) wants to schedule a meeting with me so I could meet with all the agents. Nice. Usually at this point, they have all discussed with each other how they feel about the new actor and decided whether or not they want to represent him/her - in this case ME! :) They have seen my reel and talked to my manager and figured out if I fit in their roster or not. By scheduling this meeting with me, I'm hoping it means they are ready to start working with me! I'm trying to stay positive! I mean, they wouldn't schedule a meeting for me to meet all of the agents just for them to all say in unison - "We don't want you". Right? Anyway, my "big meeting" is Thursday December 7th at 4pm - so be sure to send positive vibes my way around that time! I'm just ready to start playing on that next level.

I had a commercial audition today. It was for Wells Fargo Bank. I didn't have to do much. I just had to stand and wait for the ATM machine and the guy before me goes crazy because it gave him money that he didn't expect he had in his account. I mean, he really went crazy, hootin' and hollerin' and trying to high five me. I just give him a "You're a crazy white boy" look and he exits off camera. That's it. I spent an hour and a half trying to get home from Santa Monica during rush hour traffic. It wasn't fun.

I went to a screening tonight for the film For Your Consideration. It was pretty hilarious! I really liked the film. I highly recommend you find a theater and see this. I hear there's "Oscar buzz" on this film! ;)

So, I come home to check my email tonight and someone had forwarded me their invite to a free screening next Tuesday for the film The Holiday! WHAT??? Columbia Pictures had just told us that they did not have a cast and crew screening scheduled - but they could've said something about being able to see the film before it's released! hel-lo! So I went ahead and signed up for the free screening of my film. It will be with an audience of screenwriters since that's the group that is putting together the screening. I'm going to try and get some friends to rsvp for it too - so I won't have to sit in the theater and watch it by myself (- with a bunch of strangers I mean.) I'll let you know just how much of the film I end up in!

Don't get too excited - I have a feeling it won't be much. We'll see.... :)


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