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Monday, November 13, 2006


The Holiday poster on a bus in Culver City! Nice! OPENS DECEMBER 8TH!!

I had an audition today for Close to Home at Audino/Schiff Casting on the SONY lot. The role was a preschool teacher so they asked that we not dress sexy and to portray "sweet and honest". Got it. So I put my hair behing my ears, wore a nice pleated skirt and a sweater and looked very sweet and honest! ;)

Hey, I HAVE been a preschool teacher before, so I know how to look sweet! hahaha
My audition was at 12:30pm and I got there really early - 11:50am. They told me that they wouldn't start until 12:30pm, so I hung around and read my script over and over again. I was first, and I hate going first because you never know if they are willing to bring you back to producers, or wait and see what else they have in the room. Lucky for me, first time was a charm and I was asked to come back for producers at 3pm. I got there and saw one other girl from the preread and two other girls that I hadn't seen before. All of us with very different looks. I felt really good about my read. Carrie, the casting director, looked very pleased after I finished and nodded her head. So I walked out of there pretty confident. I'm not sure if I booked the role or not, but it feels good to do a decent job, especially after the BAD audition I had last week. Or was it the week before? Anyway, it felt good.
I spent the whole day running into posters and billboards for my movie The Holiday! That was really cool. I'm getting excited that the opening date is creeping closer and closer! I was at a red light and a bus with the huge poster on it drove right next to me - so I had to pull out my camera phone! Yeah, I know - I'm a dork!
I talked to my manager today and she was on the phone with someone from Columbia Pictures trying to get me on the "list" for the premiere. Crazy that it takes this much work just to go to a film premeire of the movie I was in! Wow.... Well, since the film is opening December 8th, I'm assuming the premiere is a week or so before that. That reminds me - I better get to the gym!


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