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Friday, November 03, 2006


So could it have gone any worse? Probably not. ok, let's stay positive....I'm SURE it could've gone worse. Somehow. Is that considered positive?
Anyway, my audition didn't go so great. Obviously.
I walked in prepared and in the zone. Trying to maintain my emotion and not get distracted by the idle chatter in the waiting room. I was ready. I walked in and the casting director wasn't so ready. She didn't even know what role I was reading for, nor was she prepared for the emotional scene I was about to do. She kept asking me questions that got me in my head and out of my zone. Little chit chat questions - which kinda irked me since I knew I was about to do an emotional scene. Then I asked her that since it called for a scream at the end of my scene, did she want me to do it? She answered with these words specifically "I can't imagine you NOT". So I took it to mean that of course, she wanted me to do the scream. So I did my emotional scene and I did the terrified scream at the end and the first thing she said was "I can't believe you did the scream! I said NOT to." I was completely confused. I SWORE she said she couldn't imagine me NOT doing the scream. But obviously it was a miscommunication which resulted in me annoying her with a loud shriek. Great. So now that I know this, she asks me to do the scene again, with some adjustments. The second time around, I was so in my head and distracted by the fact that I just annoyed the casting director and trying to figure out how I misinterpreted what she said that I didn't do so hot that time. I left there just wanting to run out and hide under a rock. I'm not sure what it is about this particular office, but my track record there is horrible! They don't call me in all that often, but when they do, it always happens to be when I suck!
So it's safe to say I need to put this one behind me and move on.


Blogger Tasia Sherel said...

Keep it moving Chica, we've all been there. You're doing something right they keep calling you back in.

11:29 PM  
Blogger JulieD said...

Lydia, remember when we were the ones doing the casting? Some people are not cast right for their jobs, and it sounds like this casting director is one of them.

Her rudeness shows that she's not comfortable in "her" role. Next time, ignore her attitude, and imagine him or her as a character who has a marriage that's falling apart, a mortgage that's months behind, and flatulence.

And always pride yourself in "you." Cuz you definitely have it, sister.

7:57 PM  
Anonymous omar said...

awful. now watch - you'll get the job! miss you!

1:51 AM  
Blogger Shenita Moore said...

Don't worry Lydia. It happens to all of us!...

- Shenita.

12:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Screw her, she's a tard. Tell her to speak fluently next time and use specificity.

4:03 PM  

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