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Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I am the victim of an editor.
I've seen the cutting room floor up close many times (The OC, Everwood), but none have felt this cold as the cutting room floor of The Holiday.
I went to a screening this evening of "my" movie - and I use the word "my" loosely considering I was barely visible! They cut out every single part where I would be recognizable. But I won't take it personally. All of my close up shots where gone. But I won't take that personally. I was reduced to a "background artist" in one scene and a blur who utters a barely audible line in another - and that's it. But again, I won't take that personally. At least I'll try not to.
It's funny how I worked five times longer on this shoot than The Terminal - got paid 5 times more - and am seen five times LESS!
But that's showbiz.....right? :(
Oh well, my 300 postcards announcing the film's opening will be nice publicity that Columbia Pictures didn't have to pay for!
And I'm looking forward to the NEXT film where it will be impossible to cut me out, since I will be a major character! ;) Gotta keep thinking positive, right?
Speaking on staying on the positive note, I saw an incredible film Sunday called BELLA. It won the People's Choice Award at the Toronto Film Festival, which means it walked away with top honors up against films like Babel. Bella's director is Alejandro Monteverde, who goes to my church. We chatted a bit before the screening and I got his information. His production company, Metanoia Films, would be something I would LOVE to be involved with. He is committed to telling interesting, positive stories with a good message.
What a nice change of pace!


Blogger Lipp said...

Sorry about the cut job on you Lydia. Sounds like you have a good, positive attitude about these things though!

1:26 PM  

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