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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sorry for Being MIA

Ok, almost 2 weeks have passed since I have posted anything. So sorry! Let's get everyone up to date.
Last week I had a callback for the Bank of America commercial. It went really well. They paired us up and gave us a scenario. Mine was being proposed to. So I had this complete stranger tell me he loved me, then got on bended knee and proposed to me. I accepted, and this complete stranger hugged and kissed me on my neck. Sounds weird, right? Just another day at the office! Then, after he proposed, we had to improvise a scene where we are now in a birthing class and I'm pregnant. Life moves fast! haha
Last weekend I went to Vegas for an early birthday celebration with some friends. And yesterday was my official birthday, and I spent it auditioning for a play in Long Beach called In Arabia We'd All Be Kings. Actually, I had another play audition earlier this week for a show called El Verde at Casa 0101. I would love to do a play this summer. I feel so out of practice!
This week has been a pretty horrible week (between taking my car in to fix "issues" and dealing with a horrible 5th grade class), so I'm waiting for something amazing to happen. I need it. I deserve it. haha
Maybe a nice big booking??


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