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Friday, May 08, 2009

Not Much Going On

Today is my last day of subbing in this 3rd grade class. Then I'm back to finding work everyday. There are pluses and minuses to that!
Yesterday I had my audition for Raising the Bar. It was for another maid role, on the stand in court. I thought I did fairly well. I went in and did my thing with my accent and the producers and director seemed to like it and then I was out. I have to say I was the youngest actress there for this role, so I may not be what they are looking for - but you never know...
So far, no other auditions lined up. I may watch a production of Jesus Christ Superstar this weekend and possibly take some workshops next week, just to stay busy doing something. Next Friday I am finally watching the final cut of a short film I shot almost 2 years ago: La Carretera (formally known as The Graveyard Shift). I'm excited to see everyone I worked with on that production!
Summer is always SO SLOW!


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