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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Of Course...

I have been bored all week.
I subbed only one day (Tuesday) and had nothing the rest of this week, except for workshops.
Well, Yesterday I finally booked a subbing gig for Friday and then I get the call just now that I have an audition for Dollhouse at 11:30am. Of course! That's how it always works! Damn - I had to cancel my subbing job. I better book this, because work is slim all on fronts and if I'm turning down subbing work, I better make up for it somewhere else. It's a small role as an "upscale housewife".
I also cancelled my workshop tonight for the commercial agencies. The one office I had my eye on pulled out at the last minute and she replaced them with another office. Since my "target" wasn't going to be there tonight, I decided to save my $30 for another workshop.
I have two workshops lined up for Saturday.
Tomorrow night I'm seeing my buddy Dan Finnerty of The Dan Band in his show at the Avalon Theater. SOOOOO funny! (He was the wedding singer from Old School.) :)


Blogger char said...

weird! i'm going, TOO! i know Dan because he was in STOMP, too! me and a bunch of other STOMPers are going!

8:36 PM  

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