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Saturday, October 11, 2008


Well, I went to that audition yesterday and I have to say that I felt like I should've been subbing that day instead! It was one of those feelings that felt like I may have wasted my time. I didn't do BAD, I just didn't feel like it was MY part. They had so many different types of women there, so they could cast either direction. And I'd much rather have made a definate income that day then go to that audition. I guess that tells you something about our economy and how slow things have been for me - income wise.
And what's interesting is, I turned down an audition for Monday! Well, my manager advised me to turn it down. It was for Hannah Montana and originally it was for two mom roles. Well, the larger role was cut at the last minute so I would've only been auditioning for the one line mom part. Well, my manager and I agreed that since this office has brought me in numerous times and will probably have better roles for me down the line, we are going to hold out for something better. :) I've been close to booking (pinned) many times for Hannah Montana and I'm sure they will keep me in mind for future roles.
I had two workshops this afternoon that went really well. At Actorsite I met Angela Sorensen w/ Zane Pillsbury and at ACG I met both Angela Scaletta w/ Tim Payne & Christi Webb w/ Koczara / Shevchenko. Not a bad day! :) I'll be sure to postcard them this week!
I did see my friend Dan of The Dan Band last night. That was an AWESOME show as usual! :)


Anonymous charlene deGuzman said...

i was totally looking for you!

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