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Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Wow, I realized that I haven't written in my blog for a while...meaning not much has been happening in while! :( No auditions. No meetings for new commercial or theatrical representation. Nothing.
I did have my meeting/read through of that film that I will be "helping to produce" last week. That was fun - to begin this process. I'm looking forward to "the next step". This should be exciting! :)
When things get too slow for me, I get back into workshops. I had one this past Saturday for Junie Lowry Johnson's Casting office. They used to cast Ugly Betty and now they are working on Dirty Sexy Money and Big Love. That workshop went well. I did a very intense dramatic scene where I played a rape victim. Everyone else had light comedic scenes and here I am, doing heavy material that I had 10 minutes to look over! Crazy! But luckily I did well. :)
I had another workshop last night for Romano/Benner's office. They cast Scrubs and One Tree Hill. That one went ok. I had a comedic scene and I felt a little off, but she seemed to like me anyway - go figure! ;) haha
Tonight is soap night - I have a workshop for the office that casts Young and the Restless. I haven't booked a soap yet, and I rarely get called in for them. I did audition one time for a juicy role on General Hospital. Didn't get it though. We'll see how it goes tonight.
And tomorrow is commercial agent night. Workshops with two agencies tomorrow night. We'll see how tht goes.
I hope I get auditions soon - because I hate only having my workshops to blog about! :(


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you sister!It's been slow for me too. I'm also an actor in LA.

check outmy blog sometime:

3:32 PM  
Blogger Shenita Moore said...

Slow on this end too!...

- Shenita.

6:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wanted to prove to you I will look at your blog more often! By the way, I was given the same sides from JLJ a few weeks before. I loved that story. Had a few nightmares still thinking about the situation. It was an amazing story to play with. Thanks God for David Milch!

- Taylor

1:41 AM  

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