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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Working Southland!

with Amaury Nolasco and Regina King

So, yesterday, on 09/09/09, I got to work on the set of Southland! YAY!!! First of all, I'm really into this show, so I was excited to hear I had an audition for it - much less booked it! And I am a huge fan of Regina King! I grew up watching her on everything - from 227, to Boyz in the Hood, Friday, Jerry Maguire....that girl works so much! Well, it was nice to see she was very nice in person! And an added treat???? I got to work with Amaury Nolasco - from PRISON BREAK! I was so excited because as we all know, I am a HUGE fan of that show! Or was, rather. (it has already ended) :( I saw him while I worked on Prison Break, but we didn't work together - until now. And he is such a sweetheart! Not to mention - so very cute in person! ;) Another hottie I met on this set was Kevin Alejandro - who used to be on Ugly Betty. He looks very different on this show - but gorgeous nonetheless! Damn - if I could be a regular on THIS show! I would get to work early every single day! haha
We shot the bank scene, where I play the bank manager, in an actual bank in Glendale, with the actual employees standing in as extras! How cool!
Aside from the fact that they put me in the most hideous and unflattering boxy suit, I had an AWESOME time working on this show! It was a quick day. 2pm call, wrapped by 7. And of course, I am back to being unemployed! ugh! I love when I get work - I hate when it ends! I always have this bit of jealousy for the series regulars - they get to come back the next day!

But I did have a really great audition for a guest star role (as a DOCTOR) on Criminal Minds right before I went to the Southland set - so maybe I can book that and I won't be unemployed for long!

Actually, technically, I am starting work today. I'm back teaching the kids classes at Actorsite. I used to do that a while back (3-4 years ago?) and I stopped because I got too busy with subbing....but since that is over - it frees me up. So thankfully Jack wants to bring me on! Not sure how often I'll be teaching - or what classes exactly, but it gives me something to do! YAY!!!!


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