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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Howard's Class

So yesterday marked the official last day of my Comprehensive Technique class with Howard Fine. I'm really bummed that I'm not continuing on with the rest of the class in the Rehearsal and Performance class that directly follows. I plan to take that class in a month or so.
But let me just say I had an AWESOME last class yesterday!
Our assignment was to recreate an actual phone call we had this past week. Our job was to be in our circumstances at the time and day of the actual call, have a clear objective, and be fully alive in the scene. (No blank stares) I recreated a phone call I had with a close friend this week about a recent reconnection with a high school crush. The entire phone call was a jolt of excitement and disbelief mixed in with the 17 year old that was crushing on the guy again! It was so much fun, and I had so much energy during the scene! I really felt like I recreated it pretty accurately. So the awesome part comes when Howard Fine walks onto the stage to give me my critique - and he's got nuthin! haha He tells me he was really happy with my scene that he has no criticism for me! Wow. I hit everything right? Again...Wow.
See, this is HUGE for me, mainly because the reason I put myself back into class was to relearn, or remind myself, of the tools and practices I forgot along the way. And also, to regain some of my confidence in my own ability. There was a time, actually...MANY times, when I've thought about quitting and doing something else. I stopped feeling like I was good - or like I was enjoying my work. And I've always said I would stop doing this when its no longer fun for me. And it hadn't been....for a long time....until this summer. It started back again with the film in Iowa, and continued with working with Howard. :)
So afterwards, Howard calls me over to tell me I should get a work/study application where I could either stage manage a class or work in the main office to be able to take a class at a discounted price. He said he didn't want to lose me!! Awww.... :) hehe That would actually help me out a lot, so I did just that! Filled it out and turned it in on the spot!
I have to say that it feels pretty good to have someone believe in me the way he does, and expecially at the level he's at! That's exciting!! I really do love working with him and I feel at home at the studio, so I wasn't planning on going anywhere!


Blogger Laura said...

hey thats really great good for you. I really enjoy reading about other peoples classes, because I am still poking around. Congrats on ur great last day!

11:37 PM  

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