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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Pilot Audition!

Finally, after just one audition this whole month - I now have my SECOND one! It's for a guest star role on a new pilot. The show looks like a "dramedy" and the part is a good one. For some reason, I just feel rusty. Like I haven't acted in YEARS! Weird huh? My last job, aside from shooting Paradise Drive last weekend, was Notes from the Underbelly and that was in November I think. So it doesn't sound like too long ago - yet I feel like I forgot how to do this. Crazy. Maybe it's just nerves.
I'm getting together with my friend Angel tonight to work on it. So hopefully I'll be able to go in there tomorrow with a new found confidence. Send good vibes my way around 11am. I'll need them.
The good news is the audition is with FMW casting - the same office who cast me in The Shield. So at least I know they like me enough... ;)


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