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Monday, January 29, 2007

The Wonders of a Good Audition

Well, I worked on this audition as much as I could with my friend Angel, and I have to say, it really helped me a lot. (Thanks Angel!) I haven't done an emotional scene like this in a very long time. I got there to the casting office and I saw a few familiar faces that I usually go up against. And I recognized some of the talent, which made me feel good because I knew what their strengths and weaknesses were, and that made me more aware of my own. :) In a good way, of course. I was waiting for an hour and 15 minutes before I was called in, which contributed to the nervous feel for the scene! I went all out my first run and she really liked it. She game me an adjustment to pull back on the emotion just a bit and to play a certain part more cold. And I did exactly that and she seemed pretty happy at the fact that I took her direction well. We did the second scene and that went extremely well also. She then took my picture and turned it over to my resume side and said, "Very good work Lydia! Why don't I know you?" So we chatted about how I worked on The Shield which she happened to be working on another project for the office - so our paths never crossed. But I left there feeling like I made a fan in her - so it was a hugely successful audition! :)
It's funny how a good audition can instantly put the spring in my step again. My confidence level seemed to go back to what it usually is! Thank God! Because I was beginning to worry myself with so much negative energy! Now I feel 100 % better about myself and my career. It doesn't hurt that even though this was "just" my second audition this month - I have to remember that both were guest star roles on PILOTS! So it's all good!
As soon as I got back to my car from the audition, I had a message from my manager letting me know of another audition for Monday!! YAY!!!! This one is the guest star LEAD on Cold Case! I saw the sides and I was SO SO SO happy to see it's a character I have played a couple of times before in plays - so I feel extremely confident that I can NAIL this. And nail it hard! :)
I feel a good booking on the horizon! Send good vibes my way around 2:30pm tomorrow. Please!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You got it -- It's yours!!! Take it!

5:05 PM  

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