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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Shooting Episode 15

I shot episode 15 of Paradise Drive on Saturday. I was having some trouble during the rehearsal process for this episode because I haven't done one since maybe episode 6, and I came back to this one and my character had been changed. Significantly. They decided that during my time away from the show, my character went to make up school to become a make up artist for TV and film. So instead of being goth - I tranformed into more of a funky, artistic "Silver Lake" eclectic character.
We also had a director come in for the first time and steer us. At first he had a few good ideas, and then it rubbed me the wrong way to have him direct me in a totally different direction than what my character was! See, my character on the show is this dark goth girl who has bitten off the head of a bat, she worked in a morgue putting make up on dead people. She wasn't exactly Miss Sunshine. But yet, he wanted me to play her all smiley and happy and flirty. He saw me walk into the room one night and said that he wanted my character to be just like I was when I walked in - full of life and happiness. Ummm...I knew this character - and he didn't, and I didn't agree with this vision. So that made rehearsals difficult for me. I was trying to stay consistent to my original idea, just change her style a bit. But I was left confused as to how to morph her into a different person after I shot 6 epsiodes already as a dark goth character.
Anyway, the shoot went well. I'm so sorry I forgot my camera because I thought I nailed that whole funky artistic look! It would've been nice to post a couple of pics in costume. Oh well.....
Man, it has been D. E. A. D for me. No auditions whatsoever. And that's with a new agent representing me across the board AND a manager - and new headshots......and nothing! I guess everything happens for a reason. I can't complain too much. I have until Feb 9th to sub in this first grade class and I'm trying to do 21 days in a row - so maybe THAT'S the reason!
I'm thinking of starting some kind of scene study class - just to keep my acting muscles working since I haven't done a play in a while. Over a year already! I'd love to do one maybe sometime this summer.


Blogger Jul said...

Hey, Lydia, check out "" - it's a really interesting film about self-fulfillment. you already do a lot of the stuff they talk about ,this could just bump you up a notch!

there's also a book called "The Law of Attraction" that covers these ideas. seems like the principles are right up your alley!

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