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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Great Audition!

So I went in and read for that pilot today. It went awesome! I saw Felicia Fasano (the casting director) while I was in the waiting room with the other actors. She said, "Is that Lydia? I didn't see you sneak in!". She was very friendly - but she waited until I walked into the audition room, away from the other actors, to give me a big, warm bear hug! She is so very sweet - I just love her! So I did my scene the first time the way I had practiced it and she redirected me and added some stuff that sounded a little vague and complicated - but somehow I pulled it off. Her assistant even said she was impressed! Felicia said I nailed it and it was done perfectly! But we'll see. It's not a booking until it's a booking, right?!~ ;)
I had a really good rehearsal tonight for Paradise Drive. We had a guest director for this episode. It was good to have someone see it through fresh eyes. It ended up 100 times better! :) I rehearse all next week and then we shoot next Saturday.


Blogger Tim said...

Sounds like a great start to the new year, cool!
You and your neice look so much alike!!

8:25 PM  

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